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(rp) envious rival ruin my hot body, turn me into a morbidly obese pig

Hey loking for a male feeder for this rp plot:

Mark was the king of the beach, with his well-endowed body he won every modeling competition, and made everyone who looked at him drool.

That is until Larry appeared, with his charming smile, a true magazine hunk, his statuesque body, Mark couldn't compete against Larry, he had no chance and the guy's arrogant attitude didn't help either, Mark was jealous and he knew it, and that envy It gave him an idea.
Well, one day after seeing an obese guy in a restaurant, Mark could only think 'that guy could never be a model.'

If Larry were an obese pig, he wouldn't have a chance.

Im into... forced fed, revenge, envy, rivals, jealous, bully, blackmail, payback...

kinks: force fed, fat shaming, difficulty exercising, immobility, teasing, liquid bloating, moobs, ex athlete, body contrast, funel, loss of fitness, teasing about how he used to look and what it's been done to him.

My Discord: Lohen16

Who wanna ruin Larry?
1 month