200lbs by my 30th birthday

So I turn 30 in a bit over 60 days and the idea of intentionally gaining to over 200 lbs before I turn 30 is starting to get pretty tempting. I figured that it'd be a bit different from my 30 day gaining challenge in that there'd be fewer intense stuffings, but more consistently snacks and desserts. I'd probably also want to make sure that I don't hesitate if I find myself starting to have second thoughts on the gain (I ended up hesitating a quite a bit on my 30 day challenge, so I'd like to avoid doing that again). I feel like, if I start to have doubts, I need to tell myself that I told myself I'd spend 60 days actively gaining to see if it's something I want to make a permanent lifestyle change and, if I hesitate, I won't know for sure. Plus, 30ish pounds in 60 days isn't too crazy, but it's definitely a noticeable difference and it'd give me plenty of opportunities to test out and develop fattening habits.
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