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24 (m4m) a rival boyband sabotages big time rush fatten up and ruin the hot guys in a boyband

I'm 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+

Big Time Rush, I don't know if anyone recognizes the series, but the other time I watched an episode and I had some ideas. Also, the guys have good potential to make them fat, I would focus more on James and Logan.

What if a rival boyband plan to ruin them, make em go from hot and handsome studs to morbidly obese pigs.

We have both been hired by the manager of the rival boyband to ruin BTR. Fatten them in an unthinkable way, turn those handsome boys into mountains of lard, useless for singing or performing, simply destroy their appearance and transform them into morbidly obese pigs.

Furthermore, boy bands depend a lot on their appearance, taking away their muscular bodies and making them fat would ruin them.

*No sex or romance, no happy endings (for the jock obviously 😈).

I like when cocky and arrogant jock gets what he deserves, always flaunting his abs and muscles, but ending up defeated and punished by those he used to bother and humiliate and bully, or by some rival who wants to "get rid" of the competition revenge or it's just jealous of his good looks and perfect physique.

Im into... forced fed, revenge, envy, rivals, jealous, bully, blackmail, payback...

kinks: force fed, fat shaming, difficulty exercising, immobility, teasing, liquid bloating, moobs, ex athlete, body contrast, funel, loss of fitness, teasing about how he used to look and what it's been done to him.

Everything that could ruin and destroy his appearance

Languages: English/Español Discord: Lohen16
1 month