28 afab feedee looking for feeder (online)

I don't care about gender or age. I would just loved to be stuffed with my favorite food and be taken care of. I have a lot of food insecurity since childhood; i was constantly weight shamed my by mom. I just want some praise about my body for once.

I am looking for companionship, hopefully long-term.

You must be okay with being an online feeder and helping me out to reach my goal weight of 300lb (or more if I like your vibe!). That means sending gifts of snacks and food as well. In return, I'll send pics of food and me eating it. And lots and lots of belly pics!

Please dm me for my socials and/or number if you are interested.
3 weeks

28 afab feedee looking for feeder (online)

I would love to chat. Am a bisexual feeder and feeder, with a kink on immobility

You can dm me smiley chat away!
2 weeks

28 afab feedee looking for feeder (online)

1 week