33, looking for mutual, feeder or ffa

Now I have your attention (probably):
I'm looking to start a long term or permanent relation with a lovely person, preferably in the Fort Worth area. Long distance is possible but traveling long distance will be difficult with my current situation

Preferribly female or fem. Does not strictly need to be a gainer relation, but at least mutual interest in the subject is a plus.
Not big on sex without some emotional connection so not looking for short term, fwb or being a unicorn or anything.

I'm into gaming, anime, animation, art and lots of other nerdy junk. I'm open to a lot of musical styles though I get stuck listening to j pop or related stuff. I also do fat and expansion art for fun and a bit of a side hustle.
Just shoot me a DM if interested or just wanna say hello 😊
2 months

33, looking for mutual, feeder or ffa

Figure its been long enough to bump!
1 month