Bisexual guy looking for a male or female partner in chicago area

As far as who I’m looking for, be close to northwest Indiana within 100 miles please. If you’re a guy, please be under 35, if you’re a woman, under 45. I’m into mutual gaining, I’m also ok with my partner being thin. Just don’t ask me to lose weight. I enjoy food too much for that

I'm a passionate enthusiast with a deep love for vintage computers and all things Apple. There's something magical about the nostalgia of old tech and the innovation of Cupertino. When I'm not lost in the world of circuits and pixels, I savor the beauty of the outdoors, particularly during the tranquil seasons of fall and early spring. Nature, with its changing colors and fragrant breezes, is my sanctuary.
In my leisure hours, you'll often find me engrossed in creative projects related to my hobbies. There's an undeniable satisfaction in restoring a vintage computer to its former glory or tinkering with the latest Apple gadget. Beyond the screen and soldering iron, I relish the simple pleasures of life. I'm the type who enjoys leisurely walks, appreciates the charm of a picnic in the park, and finds contentment in the rhythm of a road trip with the windows down.
When it comes to qualities and values, I'm straightforward and honest, a trait that often aligns with my being an Aspie (someone with Asperger's syndrome). I value directness and appreciate interactions that are free from unnecessary sarcasm. My political compass points left, and I'm a firm believer in progressive values. While some may argue the cats-versus-dogs debate, I unapologetically stand on the feline side; there's something about their independence and mystique that resonates with me.

In my journey through life, I've had the privilege of experiencing various chapters, and one of the most significant ones was my previous marriage. I want to be transparent about it—I was married, and I loved my ex-wife deeply. Our relationship evolved, and we discovered that we make better friends than romantic partners. I want to emphasize that there's absolutely no bad blood between us. We've remained close friends, and there's no lingering attraction that a future partner would need to worry about.
Life has been a steady journey with its twists and turns, and I appreciate every experience that has shaped me into the person I am today. While there might not be any grand, remarkable moments to recount, I believe that every encounter, every choice, and every lesson has contributed to the tapestry of my life.
I'm eager to embark on new adventures, create fresh memories, and explore the potential of a meaningful connection with someone who values honesty, authenticity, and shared experiences. If you're looking for a partner who understands the importance of genuine connections, let's start a conversation. I'm excited to discover the beautiful moments that await us on this journey.
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