Chastity cage

So, I know that this is a bit of an off topic, but I would like to ask if anyone around my weight (100 kgs) is into 24/7 chastity: I really like the idea of bringin my metal cage "out of the bedroom", but today I found at my expenses that it can be a pretty dreadful experience. Locking my balls in a frontal exposed position, with no possibility of retracting, left them subject to constant chafing with my chubby thighs, which after a bit of mid paced walk made them burn like hell. Not to mention, the urethral plug was consantly pushed inwards by my jeans, which are becoming tighter, causing a lot of discomfort.
I was wondering if you usually prepare in a particular way for outdoor chastity or if you use a different cage for different situations.

You might have better luck asking this question on a kink-specific BDSM site instead of a feedist site.
4 weeks