Extreme obesity

Couch princess

My wonderful lady has become so obese, just getting up from the couch is a struggle.

She has to psych herself up for the endeavor by telling herself something like "OK, let's do this!" Then feminine grunting as she fights to raise her hundreds of pounds of fat upright. Panting heavily and even whimpering softly from the effort of moving her own titanic overfed body. Waddling to the toilet. Our hallway is so narrow she can barely fit with her girth.

The couch has a permanent crease, an imprint left from the sheer weight of her massive rear end and swelling soft thunder thighs. We used to be able to sit on the couch together. Not anymore, she's become so huge I can't comfortably sit next to her.

So the couch is now entirely her domain. I can't be upset, she's truly earned it. My beautiful massively obese couch princess.
2 weeks