Fat experiences

Dates with feedee’s

I have been lucky enough to go on a few dates with feedee’s.

I know it was going to be an expensive date, but you always come prepared with an agreed location, and a willingness to order for them when they are submissively telling you what they want.

If they feel full, ask if they are willing to have more, or order more as a doggy bag.
I love seeing their eyes go wide as they look at the menu and you give them a nonchalant look of confidence like there’s nothing they can’t have right then and there.

I also enjoy when they are bold enough to ask for an after dinner belly rub, to help with the digestion. Fallowed by compliments about how they fill out their outfit quite nicely.

High in sugar and carbs, that’s one of the best ways to know if the meal(s) will satisfy.
1 month

Dates with feedee’s

Oh, yes please. This sounds amazing.
3 weeks