Fat sex is the bomb!!

When I met my Male partner in 2017 I was only 175 pounds, I had chunky legs and a chunky Ass but nothing on my belly, and only a 34 inch Waist at the most.

When I was thinner Anal sex hurt me a lot and in order to get any pleasure from the sex I had to be drunk or stoned, he is huge you see smiley

My partner at the time was 250 pounds so a lot bigger than me and I felt that if I was the same weight as he was or bigger the sex would be better.

By September 2018 I was 224 pounds after a 2 week trip to Sunny beach Bulgaria and none stop eating.

After the holiday I loved how the weight felt on my body, my Tummy was back and ready for more, at this point I was a 42 Inch waist and the Anal sex was amazing, it barely hurt me at all and was ultimately more pleaser sum.

In September 2020 Covid took a break and so we went to Crete (Greece) with the few months we had left before we were once again forced into another Lockdown.

I wore a Light Blue 3XL Speedo that holiday on the Beach and when I sat down my Partner said "It looks like your naked when you sit like that and playfully laughed" and I said "it doesn't bother you that I'm this fat dose it?

He said "of course not Will you have always being beautiful to me" and then started to play with my Tummy and call me his happy little piggy, not that I was little anymore.

At this point in my life I was 28 years old and 238 pounds, it was a magical time where my body and sex life aspired to be what it always dreamed of being.

The sex was amazing and didn't hurt one bit at this point, and I loved how my Partner would make cute comments about my hanging Tummy and big butt, and would say "your never too fat to wear a speedo on a Beach" he made me feel like a Model xx

My Partner has loved me at every size I've being but I think he prefers me bigger, more to grab and squeeze.

A few years later in 2022 We went to Turkey in June time and at this point I was 252 pounds, by far my biggest yet!

and when I was by the pool I was sweating like never before, and me being me I was in my light blue speedos so you could see every fat roll that I had, and then one of the Hotel staff gave me a bowl of nuts to put the salt back in, and the man said "your quite big arn't you"

It's so nice when people help you out because your fat rather than Judge you for it.
I love how when your fat your partner always goes on top and says "it's ok honey I know how tired you get"

At this present day I am still 250 Pounds and the Sex is as good as ever, If I get fatter then I welcome it, if not then fine I'm pretty big as it goes
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