Is my bf subconsciously enjoying our weight gain?

Since me (m24 6'1) and my bf started dating I've gotten a bit bigger, mostly fat, from around 175lbs to 200lbs. That's because I've been actively gaining for some periods this year, very sporadicly, but I keep finding myself wanting to gain more.

My bf is in no sense a gainer he just eats a lot naturally, and he has also gotten bigger during this year. We're about the same height but he's gotten bigger than me now sitting around 210lbs. I dig it because I think bigger guys are attractive.

I'm not sure about how he feels about himself and me getting fatter, but I've got some hints that could be interpreted that he's not mad about is but rather enjoys is a bit.

-When I started packing on some weight it's been softer fat. Sometimes he would pinch my belly or love handles during cuddles.

-He has complimented my body on multiple occasions focusing on my legs and ass being "big". He also pointed out the stretch marks on my arms, simply just asking if those were stretch marks, not sounding judgmental or anything.

-Sometimes he brings up the subject that he has gotten fat, especially his upper body and face, like when he's seeing candid photos of himself. He's saying it as if he is annoyed about it, and I tell him that he looks great. Then he has started to reply to me that he's alright about being fat it just looks unfamiliar. Last time he brought it up he literary said that he's ok with being fat, and feels good about his body.

-On few occasions he would stand in front of a mirror or in front of me jokingly protruding out his belly thinking it's fun that is so big. When it comes to clothes he usually has no interest in hiding his little belly it shows all the time that he's not flat.

-Oh and one time he pinched my belly making a pig sound. We were laughing so hard. That one was hard to ignore lol.

This might just be that he's very confident in his own skin, which is great. Although sometimes I get the feeling that he's not just ok with it but rather enjoys being bigger and having a bigger bf (me). What do you guys think? Is this just wishful thinking?
Is there any good way to find out what he thinks about it without asking it directly because that feels a bit strange. I'd love some advice!
2 months

Is my bf subconsciously enjoying our weight gain?

It sounds like you guys have been going out for some time. Especially if you are both kinda gaining over time.

Maybe you should just bring up your preferences on the whole thing? You would know better than I do. But might be worth considering.
2 months