Fat experiences

My catalyst

Well after years of wondering why Violet beauregarde was my first sexual fantasy it was,nt till I met my now ex partner,she was slim,very funny,clever,attractive-so we moved into our first flat-within a year she was pregnant-a wonderful experince in it,s own right,but it was,nt till after she had our son her eating habits changed-she became a compulsive eater,morning,noon and night stuffing her face,it was,nt long before the weight started piling on-I became a feeder before I knew what a feeder was-and she enjoyed,we were happy family,within 3yrs she ballooned to 27st-pure heaven,the Violet Beauregarde thing made sense-unfortunatly her family intervened re her huge weight gain-their happiness being more important than ours.Nuff said:{
1 month