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Nationality flags colours changed recently

Hi, I recently noticed the user profile linked nationality flags changed weirdly. Is this is on my end, from switching to darkmode (f.e.) or for everyone, independent of browser and sife settings?

For example the german flag is now white red yellow.
The dutch flag is now black red white rather than red white blue.
American and english flags are less affected, but still look weirdly oversaturated.
Canada now has a green cental band with a maple leaf on a pink field.
Finland is a light blue cross on a black field.
The red and yellow in the Spanish flag seem fine. Etc.
10 months

Nationality flags colours changed recently

Hi thanks for getting in touch, I have checked profiles located in the areas with flags you have advised are displaying incorrectly, and have not found this to be the case.

This does seem odd, as we use a standard icon for country flags, so there should not be any difference between profiles based in the same location.

Can you please advise if this is still happening?

If so can you please provide the specific username that is showing the incorrect flag colours?

FF Team
10 months

Nationality flags colours changed recently

Thank you, for your response.
I have tracked it down to the (experimental) night display setting for Brave browser. Seems there is still experimenting to do there...

Given the colour shifts and overlay artefacts as seen in the canadian flag, I guess it cones down to some sort of alpha layer conflict.
10 months