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Pampering and spoiling my wife into the fattest woman alive

Looking for a partner to play out an ongoing scenario of a couple starting or very early on in their feedism journey and going on to a point of natural conclusion once your character has been fattened to 1500lbs or (ideally) more. I'm a big fan of Kraban and StudioFA on DeviantArt if you need a visual reference for the size I'm after, and love to blend wholesome, romantic rp with sex and a variety of weight gain and feedism related scenarios. I want to treat you like a princess, making sure you get all the attention, food, and anything else you need to be a comfortable, overfed sow.

I am also open to hearing any ideas or suggestions you might have as well! Length of replies doesn't matter, just that the reply is something I can bounce off of to continue the rp. Quick back and forths are part of normal interactions, and overly wordy replies that don't need to be so wordy are boring and get extremely repetitive, including needlessly long descriptive text during dialogue.

Kinks/Preferences: Light dd/lg, stuffing, force/funnel feeding, immobility, outgrowing/breaking clothes and furniture, getting stuck, weights well over 1,000lbs, light slob (bathing and burping), public stuffings, affectionate humiliation and teasing, breast growth, huge butts.

No: gore, scat, super slobby, incest, blueberry, futa, furry, death feedism, farts, or bad smells please.

You can find my Discord @: fictionalfeeder. You can also message me here, but the discord account is a much more reliable way to get in touch with me.
1 month