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get to know me and why I want to be ***

Hi, so I guess I start off with getting to know more. I have a wide variety of interest. I am a huge DND fan and player. I enjoy animes however I am new to it, so I don’t have much experience with the shows I’m currently binge watching Death Note, and another one I really liked was Slice Of Life. I also enjoy playing Nintendo. One of my all-time favorites is Mario kart I also like cozy games or just fine adventurous type of games. I enjoy lo-fi styled music. I’m also a big Minecraft player that being said, I really enjoy interior designing, and creating things and role-playing. (I love SIMS4)
I’m not an artist, but I did do animation and I really really enjoyed it so I’m thinking about getting back into it. My favorite books are novels, romance, and fan fiction, I do have some recommendations for people giving it to books so if you’re that type of person, feel free to message me, I read a lot. I do not have a favorite color I actually love anything pastel colored no matter the actual color. My favorite food is waffles! And I don’t like vegetables at all aside from broccoli. And the only way I’ll eat that is if it’s covered in cheese. I have two dogs and one kitten. I am also 420 friendly. Now as far as feederism, I want to start by saying that my kink was enabled from a young age so this wasn’t something I just woke up and decided I wanted to do. When I was younger I loved the attention that I got from my peers, teachers, family friends and so on.. and that began to follow me up throughout my teenage years, and one thing led to another. That’s a story that I’ll save for another time but I’m sure you get the idea. The reason I decided to put on weight is because of how I feel when I eat versus after I eat. And food brings warmth to my heart. And genuinely I could care less about how much weight I gain it’s the food that makes me so happy. That being said, I do not have a goal weight so I don’t think I’ve ever tried to achieve a certain amount simply because I know that I am not going to lose the weight, nor am I going to stop myself from getting bigger if I do grow bigger than whatever “goal weight” I have achieved. I Love how fluffy I’ve gotten over the years and just feeling my body get bigger and bigger makes me super happy so I really enjoy that. As far as why I am here on this site is that I’m just looking for encouragement as I don’t really feel encouraged anymore to do anything besides lay in bed. Sometimes eating does get boring. ( and this is coming from someone who’s gained over 500 pounds in 10 years) so I do feel lonely a lot, and I just wanted to join a community that is uplifting and make new friends and possibly have someone tagalong with me on my journey to well.. being a blimp bedridden piggy. I have been warned before about giving out my socials here because of the amount of creepy people on the site, but I really want friends and someone genuine to talk to. So before I do you put my Discord out there just know that before you message me please think about your intent. Because of this just to try to get me to “show proof with belly video call ” it’s not going to work and you will be blocked. Other than that my discord is blubberbabe
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