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Reunion fun

I had an incredibly hot experience tonight and wanted to share.

I went out tonight and met up with some friends who I haven't seen in a few years. They are all very kind and wonderful people, and we have a very friendly, flirty kind of relationship that throughout life has led to late night laughter, good times, and general great vibes when we hang out. It has been harder and harder together together as we have gotten a bit older- weddings, kids, dogs, relocation, etc. So I was excited to see everyone.

I was also a bit nervous because the last time we hung out, I was about 60 pounds lighter. I've recently hit a gain milestone that I can't really "suck it in" anymore, so I was curious to see what everyone's reactions might be, as I haven't really posted many social media shots or shared my gain with them.

The first few of them gave me great hugs and hearty handshakes - nothing really out of the ordinary, but I was being really sensitive to their reactions and I think I had a few extra glances - nothing to call any attention.

When one of my favorite friends showed up, though, it didn't take her too long to take a step.back from me, smile, and then pantomime a clockwise circle toward my belly, asking me, "Now this is a new addition. Tell me all about this, unless you feel like just telling me to shut up."

Of course everyone froze for a moment, but it let me break the ice and tell.them that I'd gained a bunch of weight (obvious), but that everything was okay and that it was really just happy, being-a-foodie weight. Once I reassured them.that it was really just enjoying life and food (and not a symptom of depression or something sad/bad), they moved on to other topics.

But this is where it got hot. Later, that same friend was talking to me one-on-one, and she giggled out of nowhere. I asked what was funny, and she said, " Nothing. I just am still getting used to you with a little belly. You were always so thin."

After I explaining that I'm also getting used to it, and that it's been a happy adjustment - she asked if she could touch my belly.


She reached out very tentatively and pushed it lightly with three fingers, then pulled back and giggled again when it jiggled. "Is that okay," she asked, and I told her that she didn't have to be shy. I told her that she could poke, grab, squeeze, pinch - whatever. I told he that she had unlimited belly time.

AND THEN SHE PROCEEDED TO GRAB WITH BOTH HANDS while marveling that it was "So squishy!"

After a glorious 30 seconds of jiggle, grab, and squish, she asked me if I was planning to keep it. (Lol - like a pet!)

I told her that I was, and that given how I was eating recently, it might end up a little bigger.

She then spent the rest of the night playfully poking at intervals, as well as ordered tons of dessert after dinner and then said that she needed me to help her with it.

I was in heaven.

After we parted ways, I went to a McDonald's drivethru and had a second dinner and absolutely stuffed my face. I was SUPER turned on...

Anyway - just a fun experience that I wanted to share and hopefully repeat someday!
2 months

Reunion fun

That is a sweet story! It also sounds like you have a pretty cool group of friends.

NGL - it was awesome. I'm hoping to be noticeably bigger by the next time we hang out.

I feel really lucky to have a good group of friends who can be authentic and can catch up after all this time.
1 month

Reunion fun

God that's sounds amazing I'd kill for something like that
1 month