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Weight gain role play

So I want to practice writing sernerios like this, because I know at one point I will have to touch on it in my book soon

Ro is about to turn 20 years old, and like all of his brothers before him that means joining the less than legal family business. Ro wants nothing to do with said business and devises a plan on how to get out of the job. After a quick search of his family history he finds a startling similarity between his brothers wives; they are all white and under 120lbs. At once the man puts out a personal ad-searching for a dark skinned goddess. She could be round before or willing to gain more, and he would pay for an apparment and cover all expenses, as long as she sat back and allowed him to bloat her to whatever astronomical size he set for her

You can start as your female character, either calling or emailing him. You can assume they are living in a small town on the coat of either new york or New Jersey.

Any takers? You can reply here or message me
9 years