Fat experiences

Went to hog heaven

I recently moved to a new area this past week and I’ve been perplexed by how many more food options I now have available to me and being how they are all so close I can pretty much chose anything I didn’t even go grocery shopping until this afternoon I just got snacks and some fruit and vegetables and lunch meat sodas etc. So far I’ve gotten Popeyes! It was good good but I got kfc twice too I didn’t realize how much food was a bucket of chicken 😩 and chic fil a (despite it being evil I can’t deny a delicious chicken Sammy, I’m bad) there’s this ma and pa burger joint with shakes better than any fast food burger I’ve had in a long time. I even got White Castle once and there’s this Indian place I tried. I am gonna gain like 100 lbs living here lol
1 month