Casual friendship

Heyooo, how are ya? I am Amira, 22 American & not new to FF.
Firstly I must state I am NOT here to receive your horny dick/pussy pics, nor sext or go NSFW with you.
Unless I want too. ^.^

I am into Feederism, I have been for long as I can know, feederism is a fetish based around overly large (obese morbidly ,obese) men and women, in which I identify as a SSBBW.

I am here to join communities that interest me, and revolve around my fetish, and life-style. Iā€™d like to gain support, feedback, and just see what others in the community is up to ya know? I am a feedee,gainer, Deathfeedest and content creator. My SW (Start weight) was around 180-200lbs, Yes! It is hard to believe that within 10 years I have almost tripled in size! I am very very proud of my achievements and wish to further my growth, to reach my goal.

I love Anime, One Piece & Slice of Life being my favorites.
I enjoy playing many many videos games; Rainbow Six, Nintendo switch games, Zelda, Triangle Strategy, xenoblade and a few more! I really enjoy survival based games, or games in-which you have to survive.

Likes: Kind, friendly, genuine people.
Dislikes: Creeps, demanding men/women, non consensual people, entitled people, overly horny men, pervs.

What am I here for? Hopefully to meet someone that connects on the same page, become a long term friend, indulge in my growth (feeder) & hopefully be just as much as a goofy person as I am. šŸ˜‚

My favorite foods? Hmm I love many many foods and different dishes from different cultures, however NO veggies. Once so ever!! Blah .~. Gross, I rather indulge in double deep fried foods, that reminds me.. gotta blast fried chicken is callen my name!

Hi. So I'm pretty much like you. I don't come here for "attention", I come because I love FAT, mine and other people's. I don't want to be on display - and I'm not here for other people to whack off with. I genuinely want to talk about FAT and living a FAT life. I like my size, and would get bigger with some encouragement and friends wo appreciate this journey. : )
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