Fat experiences

Excitement and trepidation

I bit of a backstory:

I have been a gainer on and off for the last 7 years. Starting out I was athletic fit and 150lb. I would start to gain and love it but then I would always lose it again.

This time however something has changed. I’m reaching 200lb. The fattest I’ve ever been and on one hand it’s incredibly exhilarating. I love playing with my fat, trying on old clothes, and getting encouraged. I’m even noticing physical changes that weren’t there before like losing my breath when trying to walk or get up.

This excites yet frightens me cause I know the more I gain at this point the harder it will be to turn around. Knowing I always had an exit route helped to calm down my anxieties but now I’m reaching a point where it will become very hard to lose the weight.

Are there other gainers/encouragers out there that have felt this way at an important milestone weight and how did you come to terms with it? Thank you.
1 month