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ultimate ssbbw10 years

Betsy....there will never be another

ultimate ssbbw10 years

Um. There was no call whatsoever to be shouting at us for disagreeing with you.

The point being made by the women [and men, though you didn't notice] you disagree with you is that the 'ultimate ssbbw' might not be defined ONLY by her body.

I like to think that the men I date like me for many reasons, not just one. And I prefer some of them to be about things you can't poke with a stick.

ultimate ssbbw10 years

Big Cutie Miss Stacie.

ultimate ssbbw10 years

uk FA wrote
ok i did'nt know i was shouting so for that i apologise. if you notice in my post i was talking of unity so why would i on purpose shout.

secondly whether men agree or disagree with me is irrelevant, i'm not the type to tell people what they want to hear, some people actaully respect a guy who tells it like it is.

If you asked a group of women what guy they fancied and most said brad pitt, and david beckham, i would'nt grill them and say but you can't say that because blah blah. what is wrong with saying what you like? of course there is more to a ssbbw than her body thats why i'm on the site. also saying who your ultimate ssbbw is does not mean you don't understand that there is more to an ssbbw than her body, maybe some of you are insecure i don't know but it's really not a big deal.

i think some of you really need to chill out and stop creating all these weird stuff and we just get along because were on the same side.

I have to agree with UKFA. I believe some people on here are taking this thread a little too personal. What exactly is wrong with mentioning who one's favorite SSBBW is? I mean, there are threads on here like: "How many girls like nerds," and "How many girls like skinny guys?" I don't fall in to either those categories, but I don't go on those kind of threads and in so many words, call the posters creeps, or shallow-minded ;because I wasn't their type. The reality is, we all have different interests and preferences. I don't understand why some of y'all are getting so upset over a couple of us voicing our oppinions on which super sized woman we prefer. Furthermore, none of you women should be offended by forums like this since each and every one of you are beutiful. I'm pretty sure if there were a thread calling for responses on which BHM the women would prefer the guys wouldn't be so bothered by the question. For real for real, I've never been mentioned on any forums asking who all we'd like to meet off here, but you'll never hear me griping about that or accuse the ladies on there of being shallow. I know its rather cliche, but there's someone out there for everybody. This discussion could've been very interesting. What a shame.