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check out my fat-positive stuff! songs / poems / videos...10 years

Check out my fat-positive stuff!

I've written a song called "Big Assed Goddess" which is on my album "Word" (which has sold oooh! dozens!)
and is over here for the free listening:
(btw - it was specifically inspired by one particular big goth girl I once met, hence some of the goth specific lyrics)

And I wrote a poem called Dangerous Curves which I've performed live a whole load of times and printed in my first
book of poetry (And people bought some! A-mazing!) - you can read it here:
or see my actual face and my actual voice speaking it here:
yes I know the vid is rubbish quality!

And I put together a YouTube playlist of fat positive stuff on my channel...
So yeah, small potatoes... but better than nowt....smiley