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any uk members remember this advert?9 years

It's probably several years ago since this ad was screened but I wondered if any UK FF members can remember it. It was either a Lunn Poly or Thomas Cook ad (or some holiday company that was big in the mid 90s).

It was basically very cheesey with a montage of clips of your average (presumably married) couple having fun in the sun on holiday. The music in the add was Katrina and the Waves's 'Walking on Sunshine'. There was one clip where the wife is pumping up a lilo near the pool with her husband lying on a sun lounger in the background. As she's pumping up the lilo, her husband's belly is inflating too. Despite it being an extremely cheesey ad I used to love it just for that one clip!

It was probably nondescript to most people, but to a guy who's into all this craziness, it was almost like a slice of porn cut into normal telly.

Anyway, if anyone remembers it I'd love it if they could reply to this post! ... as I'm starting to doubt whether or not it existed at all!

any uk members remember this advert?9 years

Yay! Thanks Shazzy smiley

I guess I needed some confirmation that I didn't dream the whole thing up in my head! lol

any uk members remember this advert?9 years

littleextra wrote
I guess I needed some confirmation that I didn't dream the whole thing up in my head! lol

lol dw, i have that fear all the time...

any uk members remember this advert?9 years

Talpa wrote

But does anyone remember this Reebok ad? I think I fainted the first time I saw it. smiley

lol ... Hope you've recovered by now Talpa! I can honestly say that I have not clicked that link ... but I'd put money on it being that Reebok ad where the guy is chased by a belly - 'belly's gonna get ya!'. It was hilarious - particularly the belly gurgling part in the lift and the belly riding a side car motorbike! I wonder if those who work in advertising realise what they're doing to us!

any uk members remember this advert?3 years

Just stumbled across this thread! The holiday one was for Direct Holidays, I think, but I can't find a video clip anywhere.

There used to be some superb adverts. Two stick in my memory. One is a pepto one from (I think) the late 80s. I only remember it vaguely, but the gist is that a pregnant young couple receive all sorts of cakes and food gifts from neighbours and family, each deliverer referring to how the woman is "eating for two" now. Unbeknownst to the well-wishers, the pregnant wife is feeling too sick to eat anything. Step forward hungry hubby! You don't see him do much eating, as I recall, but you do see him on the couch, groaning and rubbing a full looking tummy, as his pregnant wife comes in with the pepto.

The other was a healthy dog food one, pedigree chum or similar, from the mid nineties or early 2000s. It opens with a very fat man tucking into a bag of crisps while watching a sunday league football match. The voiceover says "We all know what happens with too many treats" at which point his belly bulges forward and a button bursts off his shirt. It goes on to say how it's the same for dogs, but was worth it for that one moment!

Ah, those were the days! smiley

any uk members remember this advert?8 months

Was working through this favourites list and found it! Only a very brief clip but shows the tummy inflation bit. I couldn't find the full add.

I know it's silly, but what makes this hot for me is that I can't help thinking there's more to it than meets the eye. A fanciful hope that something conscious or subconscious was running through the advertising people's minds when they made this scene. Like the fact that the wife does all the work while hubby lies back is what makes her slim and him fat. Or that it represents her fattening him up with her cooking. Lol.

any uk members remember this advert?8 months

Yes!!! Thank you so much! This is the clip! smiley

It's a shame that the entire ad isn't available as it's the most seemingly sinister part of an otherwise very innocent 'comedy' advert.

The wife 'deliberately' altering her husband's weight. At the time, I was too young to know about inflation, so I interpreted it as weight gain. I remember being fascinated by it, definitely an awakening, and probably makes sense now many years later as to why I have these kinks! Thanks for posting!