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ramen noodles8 years

Instead of milk, try a coupla spoons of whole milk plain yogurt.

ramen noodles8 years

shazzercafe wrote
I ran into the same problem and have started writing down different creations I've made with ramen. If you like the following, let me know and I'll post more. This isn't necessarily super fattening, but it is rather tasty according to my various dinner guests.

2 packs chicken ramen
1 can cream of chicken condensed
1/2 cup milk
1-2 chicken breast
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
garlic salt and pepper to taste

Cook your ramen and drain the water. Add the seasoning packet. Pan fry the chicken, spicing how you like. Dice and throw into pot with cream of chicken and coat. Add milk and stir until mixed. Throw in the ramen and stir until coated. Add parmesan and stir until melted. Season to taste. Serve and top with cheese.

As a tip- try to make the noodles and the diced chicken come out at about the same time. The longer the noodles sit, the gummier they are.

Some fresh thyme steeped in the pasta broth, diced onion, heavy cream instead of cream of chicken and chopped basil.

ramen noodles5 years

There's one recipe I've fell in love with that uses Ramen noodles. I don't have the recipe book with me but I can remember some of the ingredients.....

you can use either chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp, about 1.5-2 lbs. Slice up the meat/chicken and mix it up with a tablespoon oil and some seasonings (chili powder, red pepper flakes) and a couple cloves of garlic. You then boil the noodles as instructed on the packet except that you break up the noodles while they're dry. Frozen/fresh veggies can also be added (frozen bag of stir-fry would work. Make sure to boil the frozen veggies 1st, overboiling the noodles can make them soggy. After a few mins. when the veggies are crisp and noodles are firm but smooth take it off the stove and drain the water. After that add the packet of Ramen noodles and a tablespoon soy sauce in the noodle/veggie mixture. While this is cooling off cook the meat, which shouldn't take long (about a few mins on med-high heat, if shrimp boil them with the veggies and noodles for a few min.) Afterwards mix everything up in the same pan and serve with your best appetizers (pot stickers, spring rolls, ect.)

ramen noodles2 years

I'm a huge salt fiend, so I always add extra salt and some ham or vienna sausages to my ramen. I really like either the Chili or Picante Chicken kinds because I like the spiciness. My ex used to make me picante chicken ramen with a beaten egg whisked in (like egg drop soup) and a bit of butter when I was sick. Yum yum!

I like to add some type of chopped or shredded deli meat to the cup variety of ramen, along with a small handful of frozen mixed veggies for something resembling a complete meal. Of course, add butter for extra yummy fattening deliciousness!

Oh, and I need my ramen noodles to be a little on the firm side. If they're overcooked I won't eat them.

ramen noodles2 years

Can you give me step-by-step instructions? I would like to know at what point do you add your egg?

ramen noodles2 years

I love ramen noodles. Shrimp and beef are my favorite flavors. I like to add cheese or cheese wiz in it to make it creamy and more fattening. I sometimes add real bacon bits and chopped green onions instead of the cheese. smiley Yum!
u do know how to cook.sounds great

ramen noodles2 years

Bacon...and cheese

ramen noodles2 years

I love ramen! I am a fan of Asian dishes and Japanese are my favorite

ramen noodles2 years

I have ramen as part of a fatty lunch regularly. However, Im really picky about it so I never put in meat or most veg that ruins it for me. I only eat it two ways, not real recipes but add ons:

- drained almost entirely and half a cup to a cup of sour cream with extra salt. Stirred in, the cream and salt picks up the ramen flavor into a creamy sauce while coating all the noodles in fat the way Ive been addicted to for years. Not lying, Ive bought mega packs of ramen, 5 pound sour cream jugs just for this, sometimes multiple packs of ramen yum. Wont lie, it may be bland or gross to people not addicted like me, I got addicted as a kid and cant remember how I even came up with it.

- While cooking the ramen, I fry and add pepper and salt to some eggs. I chop some green onion. Get some shredded cheese. When its done and hot, throw them in and mix around. Add salt. The cheese melts from the broth, and it becomes cheesy ramen while the egg gives yolk flavor and green onion compliments the salt.