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14 years

Soo this is the first time I've posted here for quite a while. At least since the implementation of passwords and suchlike. So it's introduction time!

I'm a 21-year-old video game design student from Pittsburgh. I'm engaged to a beautiful supersize-ish girl who I have been with for two and a half years. We're not really into the heavy feeding but somehow she put on about fifty pounds in the first year we were together, lost it over the summer of 2005, and then gained it back again (up to 335 as of last week smiley). umm what else... I like science fiction, fantasy, pretty much ANYTHING Joss Whedon made (Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity...), ElfQuest, Star Wars, and fruity girly drinks like Sex on the Beach. I have a couple web sites ( and primarily) and specialize in 3D modeling and animation. I'm currently attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and in my second year, though I went to the Indiana University of PA previously, where I met my fiancee.

Um let's see, more about her... well, we're getting a place together (finally!) in april, I somehow suspect her weight will go up again around then 'cause I'll be there to cook for her smiley. Dunno what else to say, so I'll be quiet now. Questions shall be answered with discretion. Rarr.


14 years

well, another gamer to talk to. I'm not a minority anymore. smiley Send me a message sometime if you want to talk.

14 years

I actually used Visual Basic for all of them. Gimme a break, it was high school...

And I don't know how to use it any more smiley