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choosing to have no choice.2 years

Oh man this is my jaaam.

I would want somebody who completely takes over my gaining and pushes me past my limits. In my ideal situation for this, we would make an agreement beforehand that my weight is no longer under my control, nor will it ever have any upper limit, and I'm not allowed to choose what, when, or how much I eat.

My feeder would be constantly setting goals for me, size-based instead of weight, and immediately replacing them with new and increasingly extreme ones as I reach them. They make achieving those goals inevitably by force-feeding me to my absolute limit every meal. I'm encouraged to nap after eating, maybe I'm drugged to ensure this. I'm given some pairs of sweatpants that are 3 sizes too large, and that's the only thing I'm allowed to wear until I completely outgrow them. Next, I'm told I won't be fat enough until my moobs exceed an H-cup.

Goals become increasingly mobility-based. My feeder wants to see me struggle and fail to get up from a sitting position on the floor. Next they want me to get too wide for the bathroom door, and then the bedroom door. I'm helpless and at their mercy, and became hopelessly addicted to being stuffed to my limit with food by the time I was already done with the original sweatpants goal.

The new game is to forbid me from getting out of bed to waddle around the room- I am to stay there for a month, as practice for when I'm really immobile, and my feeder takes care of everything. What I don't realize is, in that month of no longer struggling to move under my own power, the weight piles on faster than ever, and when my feeder finally undoes my restraints, I come to realize I can't even really move my body into a position to get out of bed. I'm just too heavy. Still, my feeder isn't done. I can still lift and bend my arms, they note, and there'a still a pesky couple of feet of mattress on either side of me that I don't cover yet...

choosing to have no choice.2 years

I've often heard this idea of "fantasy vs reality" toted about. The idea that a person dreams gaining weight, or gaining to a certain extreme (like immobility), and gets off on such thoughts, but would never attempt it for the sake of practicality. Perhaps wishing to do certain things, maintain independence, or achieve certain goals in their life.

But their are also those who would be content to live a life which revolved around their sexuality. Who would feel most content with a 24/7 sexual lifestyle.

With this in mind, I'm curious to know how many feedees out there won't let themselves gain as much as they want, can't let themselves become morbidly obese, immobile, or beyond, can't say that they want to do it or pursue it as reality...but want it to happen TO them.

How many of you consider the idea of extreme obesity or immobility a pure fantasy, and would say it is something you don't want, but...would put yourself in a situation where you couldn't stop it from happening?

Could you only enjoy having your body control and imprison you if you knew their was no point in trying to fight it? Would you try? Would it be an excuse to give in completely?

Would you want someone to be rough? Would just constant encouragement be enough? Exploiting your weaknesses? Would you simply comply when being told what to do?

Would it take being physically overpowered and force fed, or would it be enough to fall for someone who you couldn't say no to?

What would be more satisfying, that you would be forced to gain the weight, or that you had allowed yourself to fall for someone who would do it to you? Would you need to feel helpless, or would you want to be shown at some point that you ultimately did it to yourself

Keep in mind, this question applies to those who actually have the sexual desire to get hugely fat, or be fattened, or even someone who would get off on the helplessness in of itself. However, if this idea of the size turns you on, but you aren't at all turned on by the power exchange or physical limitations, your opinions and thoughts are also welcome.

Why say more? You have said it all
Discover a like minded woman that would find pleasure in recreating me into her fattened art! How fat I become is up to her!

choosing to have no choice.2 years

Had to check the label on my sweat pants after reading this (2x). Do you think labels should be removed?
Just what size do they go up too?

choosing to have no choice.2 years

I don't think I would want to be immobile. Primarily because I would be so afraid that the woman who got me to that point would change her mind and leave. Secondly, part of the excitement of being fat, at least for me, is the looks and stares that would come my way when my gluttonous body waddled through the public world.

choosing to have no choice.2 years

The ultimate fantasy for me hands down, along with other personal preferences c:
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