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cow fantasies?8 months

I'd LOVE to be a farmer!

Boutique, free-range, organic human milk.
Out there in the wide beautiful countryside, gigantic obese people being stuffed to their content, and getting milked from their huge hanging breasts.
Mostly women, but men can lactate too under the right conditions. Man-milk is the most expensive specialty dairy!

My job would be making sure my milkers are huge, hungry, and happy!

cow fantasies?8 months

The best part would be the county fair!

Imagine farmers loading their hugest fatties onto trucks and driving them to show off to everyone!

I can just see a local newspaper article about the fair-
There's a picture of me standing next to a huge pink blob that, on examination, is actually a smiling woman.
She's this year's prizewinner!

cow fantasies?8 months

I am a true dominant farmer, actually working on starting a farm. Message me if interested. Women only
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