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fat girl humiliation fantasy?9 months

I love teasing my wife about her weight when we get frisky:

"What sort of man would fatten up his wife like a pig?"
"Poor must be so heavy and helpless!"
"Your mother must be so embarrassed, watching her daughter struggle to fit into the taxi!"
"I know you won't lose any of that weight either, because you're just too hungry to stop!"

Ditto! I call her piggy, let her know how big she's getting, call her names, etc.

fat girl humiliation fantasy?9 months

Hi, I'm an 18 year-old girl, probably around 230/240lbs, and I need some advice!

The idea of a guy commenting on how chubby I am, forcing me to get on a weighing scale, measuring every inch of my stomach and thighs and arms and hips, measuring my body fat, making me exercise, telling me how overweight I am, squeezing or jiggling or tickling my my ultimate fantasy. No idea why, but it turns me on SO much.

The weird thing is, in everyday life, this would be my worst nightmare - I'm pretty sensitive about my size and I haven't stepped on a doctor's scale in years because I'm so self-conscious about my size. Although I was teased as a kid, the names that made me hate myself then are the ones that would turn me on now.

So my question is, are fantasies like this normal? Is anyone else turned on by the idea of humiliating/being humiliated?

It happens the same to me. Exactly what you said about ur fantasy and about ur real life.
I think it is pretty normal here. Just enjoy of it and your body! smiley

fat girl humiliation fantasy?9 months

I've been thinking about fat humiliation a lot recently.
For me, it's a form of affirmation.

Because there who will tell a fatty things out of spite or cruelty, maybe making excuses by saying "It's for their own good."

There are those who try to "accept" fat people by minimizing their obesity and always saying "Oh no, you're not big at all!"

But then there are those who will think and say, "Yeah, you can't hide it anymore. You need help standing up. You're probably over 50% body fat- more blubber than anything else.
And you're intrinsically lovely, and being around you makes me happy.
Though I to really have to be AROUND you, fatty!
Going for another helping? I knew you would!

I read some tabloid screed about how awful it was that young women were getting so fat, and comfortable and confident with it instead of losing weight.
And the author said something like,
"We have to start being honest and start calling fat people fat!"

All I could think is,
"I agree, sounds like a wonderful idea!"

fat girl humiliation fantasy?8 months

This seems to be quite common among gainers - something transgressive about reclaiming what used to hurt you. I used to be really sensitive about it, but now I love being teased about how huge and round I've become by being so greedy and stuffing my belly with fattening treats.

fat girl humiliation fantasy?8 months

Me! I want to be somebody�s piggy. I like females and males but having a female feeder who�s preferably skinny or slimmer then me turns me on a tad more but men just the same to be completely truthful. I love the fantasy of being made to exercise in front of them, being laughed at, Name called, being degraded, stared at. And of course physical humiliation like jigging my belly and thighs, slapping, pinching and poking. Mm yes please. In case anyone sees this my kik is little sweetie0404 - oh and I�m extremely submissive lol xx

Me too id love this my kik is at sexybelly03

fat girl humiliation fantasy?8 months

Me too. I want a man to force me to skip rope naked, so that he can watch my fat shaking up and down and then call me a pig. Have other men weigh me and laugh at how fat I am. So turned on...
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