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My biggest fantasy is to own and operate an upscale weight gain resort for women complete with all the anemities. A fully furnished buffet would be open 24/7. Cost would be zero for those staying there. The only obligation would be an agreed upon Wt gain per week. Those that are falling short of their weekly quota will receive special attention to help them meet the agreed upon goals.

Mine in a similar vein (reposted from elsewhere):

A fattening camp, where people get sent to fill them up. Endless delicious food and drinks, a positive atmosphere where lifetime friendships get made...and encouraging weight gain coaches who help you swell up in the best and most effective way possible.

Lots of activities, from art class to swimming out in the lake in the forest. Lots of swimming actually! Nice low impact activity for a big heavy person, and changing into swimwear gives the weight trainers a chance to check up on your progress. Actually, swimwear is optional!
Of course, you can opt out of all the activities, just stay in, eat and sleep if that's your wish!
But the water's cool, nature's beautiful, everyone's bodies are so lovely, you can just float there if you wish, and work up a healthy appetite for dinner!

At the end of camp, an army of massively obese people come waddling out with huge happy smiles, to greet their loved ones and get taken home. Some people can't even believe how huge their friend/family member/significant other got while they were away!

your stuffing fantasy6 months

Right now I've been thinking about funneling again. While the rush of the beer bong and it's immediate effects are (well) a rush, I also want to try something a bit more gentle and constant. Here is the scene, sitting on the couch watching a show with a tube in my mouth which is constantly trickeling more and more of whatever liquid my feeder deems appropriate into me. It is a constant stream but not so fast that I have to focus on it or struggle to breathe. But over the hour (or two) of watching, a gallon and maybe a bit more has gently been deposited into my greedy belly. Swollen, heavy, stretched and nearly completely passive I'd be lulled into a totally unexpected food coma.
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