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waist size & outgrown clothes9 months

I am 28 and wear a size 16 pants, which equates (I think) to a 36 inch waist.

When I was 26, I wore a size 2...which equates to a 26" waist.

waist size & outgrown clothes9 months

In my late secondary school days, here eight years ago, my best girl friend wore size 2 jeans, have a 25 inches small waist then an as small bust so she alterned between Small & Medium size tops. She was aged of 17 years old at this time, barely weighed up 112lbs and still stand up 5 feet 5 inches: four months ago yet then a roughly 28-51lbs more later, time same as many signifiant up-and-downs through the weight spectrum sculpted her figure such than she once admitted experiencing a lot of struggle to fit her biggest dresses (of size 12 - which means, in standard basis of 36-31-41) because of her now child-bearing hips same as her well-spoiled, soaring-up arse.

At now 25 years old, she spurts 8 and 10 size jeans (since her waist line past from 28 to 30 inches since then) , most of time M-size leggings or L-size baggy sport trousers for hide them, started back to exercice a bit more after years of slack semi-sedentarism for trim down her soft-skinny midriff as her natural ability to slim down from the belly with belittle to not effort seems to be on the wane with age, then alternate between M & L-size tops because of her slighty fuller breasts.

Though, at her heaviest (over 170lbs) last year ago, she could hardly made the littiest move into her obviouly outgrown pair of size 12 skinny jeans (though at the point she was at this very moment, even size 14 pants might been relativelly underrated) without be obligated to walk up with a ponderous, somewhat waddling sway as the fabric of her garment outstressed tightly against her flesh, their seams seeming on the verge to tear apart at any instant.
Surprizingly, she still had a 30 inches waist then a belly on the way to curve out a burgeoning convave shape, only noticeable at sideway position: all the excess fat was mostly stocked in a proportional way into her chest and especially lower body frame. This is only since this present year she tend to stock a little more into her midriff area instead her bosom.

waist size & outgrown clothes9 months

Ha, I hadn't thought about this. I'm 32 and wear a (snug) 34" waist

waist size & outgrown clothes9 months

My waist is around 46", but I'm 64 years old. Bummer, eh! I do keep older clothes too. Some of my old military uniform pants are super tight to try on, but provide quite a turn on! Sorry for the pun. I like try on and pose in old tight clothes, it make feel fatter than I am.

waist size & outgrown clothes8 months

I was purging my wardrobe today and dealing with outgrown jeans/shorts/pants was quite something. A few of them can't be buttoned closed and can only stay up by the grace of the zipper. Do any of you have bottoms like that or you've let them go?

waist size & outgrown clothes8 months

I was purging my wardrobe today and dealing with outgrown jeans/shorts/pants was quite something. A few of them can't be buttoned closed and can only stay up by the grace of the zipper. Do any of you have bottoms like that or you've let them go?

I have a closet full of outgrown clothes. I'm pretty sure I could dig up some 32" or 34" pants, though I'd have NO chance of even starting the zippering process on those since I've swollen up to around 50" (though I can squeeze into slightly smaller pants).
Actually I just got back from vacation, bringing the only 2 pairs of pants that still fit with me. Naturally I popped a button when I bent over to reach my feet, so now I'm down to 1 pair that "fit" sort of... awkward but arousing.

waist size & outgrown clothes3 months

Iím 29 with a 44Ē waist lol. Iíve gone up 3 dress sizes over the past couple of years and kept my smaller clothes as I went up the first size or 2. By the third size up I went ahead and purged my closet of them when I realized I actually like the how I look better at this larger size.

waist size & outgrown clothes3 months

Wow, I'm up to a 64" waist at 30, it's been rare for me to have a waist less than double my age, I think the closest it ever got was just before last thanksgiving i was down to a 50" waist at 30.

waist size & outgrown clothes3 months

A waist double my age could be a new goal...... It might be possible..
Currently 67" at age 43 and eating my way to 70"....

I think I've added 10 inches of fat just onto my belly in the last year..

Nothing in my wardrobe fits, I just keep them to try to force my way into for fun.
I have a large heap of the biggest clothes I can find, on my chair.

Currently growing into my uk34-36 clothes and squeezing into the uk32's where I can.

I just bought some replacement knickers to fit 66" the biggest they had 6xl, but they are super tight. I'll be needing to buy the more expensive 34-36 soon. But that's the top size generally available in the UK mail order from the specialist fatty shop.

:-) Too fat for the fattest clothes....

I like it when clothes start off quite loose and stretchy, but then over time begin to dig in. And as I only buy very forgiving leggings and loose tops it's a big turn on when they don't fit and my belly hangs out from under the too short tops and gets squashed by the leggings. I like buying the biggest maternity clothes I can find, to try to comfortably accommodate my massive food baby. Wearing stretchy panels hugging over my whole belly, when I'm not pregnant feels really gluttonous and naughty but if I go to a buffet and stuff myself and make the maternity clothes tight and have to use the lift on the way out that's one better..... That waddling feeling, walking slowly with such a distended belly, in public, and never being seated in a booth anymore as they can see I'd never squeeze in, is so encouraging.

Also having no lap to fit a laptop ;0)

Shopping for super size clothes, finding everything is too small and none of the fitting guides going up to my waist size..... and checking weight limits on new furniture that won't be strong enough for my extremely fat self is really hot..........
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