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new inflation method omg6 years

Okay guys. Oh my gosh..

I have mastered a new method of inflation. It is AMAZING. I still cannot believe this method is actually possible. It's one of those childhood fantasies that you thought was completely fictional.

Okay, here it goes...

You know those cartoons where they take a deep breath, stick their thumb in their mouths, and blow themselves up like a balloon by exhaling?


It's possible, and I've basically mastered it. I can now do it any time, anywhere, on a whim, and with amazingly quick results.

The trick? Opening both your esophagus and your larynx at the same time.

I started out by trying to get the hang of that one technique that the girl on YouTube tries to teach -basically the same base principle but hers tells you to use your tongue as a piston by rapidly moving it.

Somehow my body figured out how to bypass that method and I can just do it by blocking off my throat with my pallette (like when you hold your breath) and simply exhaling.

I. Am floored.

If you want to do this, all I can say is to watch that instructional video on YouTube and maybe you'll figure it out in the process too.

It is amazing to feel your belly -your actual stomach- and intestines expanding from the right direction. It's unreal. You can't really feel your stomach expanding very well if you're using the...reverse method. Because your entire gut is already distended at that point.

The...uh, Top-Down approach is also a lot less of a hassle, and a lot less painful/ uncomfortable.

Honestly the main reason I was so interested in inflation through the mouth is because the reverse always winds up just being extremely uncomfortable and generally un-enjoyable due to cramping.

This method? Virtually no cramping. Not at least until well after you've reached your 'full' point.

You just get to sit there and enjoy feeling your belly expand!

The greatest thing is that if you don't have any food in your stomach, the air pushes right down through into your bowls immediately. So as you blow, it really feels like your entire gut is your stomach.

Urrgg so erotic to feel the rapid expansion. Then stop and watch the surface of my belly undulate as the organs transport the copious amounts of gas downward...

And for anyone that's curious -I have a completely normal anatomy and have no special experience doing anything abnormal with my throat or lungs other than normal breathing. I never even exercise. Actually, I've never even been able to hold my throat open to swallow water.

So you should be able to do it too with some practice! smiley

new inflation method omg6 years

pls send the link of the youtube vid and maybe make a before after result pic and maybe upload it here

new inflation method omg6 years

You know you can just gulp down air as well. Its not a dramatic but your belly will get just as inflated.

new inflation method omg6 years

Here is the channel that I watched to learn how to open my throat effectively. It has a wealth of information:

This is far beyond gulping down air. I've done the gulping method as well but it takes forever and it's a lot of work, and once your stomach starts trying to make you burp it's really unpleasant to continue trying to force it down. My method takes literally no work at all, and I can literally fill my entire belly up in seconds. Once I begin being tempted to burp all I have to do is exhale into my stomach and the stomach basically gives up and just kicks it all down into my bowels.

One trick to this, I've noticed, is that manually sticking your belly out is a big factor. I assume it creates more expansion space to fill. Stick your belly out, then blow into your stomach, and it will fill the space. (It won't immediately fill the entire space, sometimes it takes a few goes especially as you get fuller.)

The absolutely hilarious part is that whichever part of your belly you stick out is the part that the air will travel to.

Want more pressure in your lower belly? No problem! Want more pressure in your mid belly? Go for it! Want more pressure in your upper belly? Easy as pie!

Of course once you relax the air will disperse into other sections, but the localized influx of air is...oh my God.

With all of that said...

Oh man. My belly is sore as hell today. I definitely stretched my abdominal wall muscles when I was playing around yesterday. Heheh

But that brings up a question: I STRETCHED my abdominal wall. If I keep this up, am is it going to make my belly permanently larger and looser??

new inflation method omg6 years

Hm, I just thought of something -since the effectiveness of this technique seemingly relates to available space, people who carry a lot of visceral fat may have a harder time doing this.

I'm mostly subcutaneous, so I honestly don't know but it would make sense.

new inflation method omg6 years

Its also a fun thing to if you use the same method as you described but instead of inflating yourself someone can "Kiss" you and force the air down into your belly.

new inflation method omg6 years

Oh God, to try that on an unwitting person! Lol

new inflation method omg6 years

Here's a tip for figuring this out too, when you feel like you have a big burp coming, take a deep breath and hold it without closing your windpipe -when your esophagus opens to let out the burp, the pressure that has built up inside your throat will force itself down into your stomach and if you can exhale, you can begin to inflate yourself. smiley

The easiest way to facilitate opening your esophagus and larynx at the same time is to put the tip of your tounge on the roof of your mouth next to your front teeth, then pushing off the roof of your mouth arch your tongue downward so that your throat does a natural 'aaaaaah'. Even though you're using your palette to block in the air, this still opens the part of your throat that you need open.

new inflation method omg6 years

Also when you breathe in, suck your gut in so it forms a vacuum so the air will go in easier. Once you have a 'flow' going push out your stomach so that there's more room for the vacuum to expand into.

So yeah it's basically like someone said before -creating a vacuum and then suddenly relaxing to draw in air- but this has the added benefit of pressure.

new inflation method omg6 years

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