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new inflation method omg2 years

Okay guys. Oh my gosh..

I have mastered a new method of inflation. It is AMAZING. I still cannot believe this method is actually possible. It's one of those childhood fantasies that you thought was completely fictional.

Okay, here it goes...
Whats the video link

You know those cartoons where they take a deep breath, stick their thumb in their mouths, and blow themselves up like a balloon by exhaling?


It's possible, and I've basically mastered it. I can now do it any time, anywhere, on a whim, and with amazingly quick results.

The trick? Opening both your esophagus and your larynx at the same time.

I started out by trying to get the hang of that one technique that the girl on YouTube tries to teach -basically the same base principle but hers tells you to use your tongue as a piston by rapidly moving it.

Somehow my body figured out how to bypass that method and I can just do it by blocking off my throat with my pallette (like when you hold your breath) and simply exhaling.

I. Am floored.

If you want to do this, all I can say is to watch that instructional video on YouTube and maybe you'll figure it out in the process too.

It is amazing to feel your belly -your actual stomach- and intestines expanding from the right direction. It's unreal. You can't really feel your stomach expanding very well if you're using the...reverse method. Because your entire gut is already distended at that point.

The...uh, Top-Down approach is also a lot less of a hassle, and a lot less painful/ uncomfortable.

Honestly the main reason I was so interested in inflation through the mouth is because the reverse always winds up just being extremely uncomfortable and generally un-enjoyable due to cramping.

This method? Virtually no cramping. Not at least until well after you've reached your 'full' point.

You just get to sit there and enjoy feeling your belly expand!

The greatest thing is that if you don't have any food in your stomach, the air pushes right down through into your bowls immediately. So as you blow, it really feels like your entire gut is your stomach.

Urrgg so erotic to feel the rapid expansion. Then stop and watch the surface of my belly undulate as the organs transport the copious amounts of gas downward...

And for anyone that's curious -I have a completely normal anatomy and have no special experience doing anything abnormal with my throat or lungs other than normal breathing. I never even exercise. Actually, I've never even been able to hold my throat open to swallow water.

So you should be able to do it too with some practice! smiley

new inflation method omg2 years

I can do it to but i wanna be able to get bigger than normal ugghh

new inflation method omg2 years


new inflation method omg2 years

I really need help with this I've tried everything but nothing seems to be working is there an easier way to do this?

new inflation method omg11 months

Everyone if you can't do it now try the soda burp technique I did that and I masterbaited while inflated and it was amazing just try every single way to try to make it easier on you guys

new inflation method omg11 months

I want to do this while I'm sitting at my desk at work and literally have it be noticeable but no dice. Can't do it!

new inflation method omg11 months

Okay so this thing took me probably a fucking year to do properly, and I still dont usually do it because I've found it to be really ineffective, in my case it literally only blows up my stomach, not my lower intestines or anything else, meaning my upper belly is really pushed out, but the rest is just kinda sitting there. If you do however take the time and effort and lay out or allow the gas to flow throughout you, it can be pretty satisfying, but not quite as instant as the original poster suggests

Anyways the way I eventually started learning how to do it was with a bag, I couldn't get ahold of balloons, so I made due. I would basically just breathe into a large ziploc bag, get that into my mouth, and then pretend like I was trying to take a drink out of a water bottle I was water falling from someone else ( where you dont touch the lips so you have to do the weird swallow with your mouth open kinda thing ) For a while I did that, and it would work if I could get the bag to go inside me and not around the edge of my mouth. I eventually got ahold of balloons, and they make extremely good practice tools because they can be held in the mouth easily. You basically repeat the same thing, fill the balloon, and then pretend like you're drinking water, if the air doesnt rush in use your hands to compress the balloon and force air down. (ALWAYS BE CAREFUL ABOUT YOUR CAPACITY). Eventually you will get used to the feeling and you can try doing it with basically your finger and any other form of mouth blocking apparatus, you stick your finger in, mimic the water drinking strategy, and then fill your cheeks with air and and keep going. I can't do a consistent stream of air, so I assume that part was a lie or extremely well trained. But you can get spurts of air enough to quickly fill your stomach. Message me if you have questions and I will do my best to help out in any way I can.

new inflation method omg9 months

I know I'm necroposting here, but this is by far the biggest BS post I've ever read on this site. Not only does this method seem impossible to learn (since everyone saying 'omg yes it works' is unwilling or too stupid to give answers), but it seems to me like this is little less than the swallowing method but with less throat motion. Unless any of you are going to give answers, why the hell do you even post?

new inflation method omg9 months

I know I'm necroposting here, but this is by far the biggest BS post I've ever read on this site. Not only does this method seem impossible to learn (since everyone saying 'omg yes it works' is unwilling or too stupid to give answers), but it seems to me like this is little less than the swallowing method but with less throat motion. Unless any of you are going to give answers, why the hell do you even post?

Essentially, as far as I see it, the idea is to open your throat as far as you can. It may be easier to do if you play, say, a trumpet, because you do a similar thing when playing.

Step one is dropping your jaw. Don't open your mouth, try to flex the back of the lower jaw as low as you can reach. To draw back from a previous reply, there *is* a sound you can make that can help with this. Try to make the 'uhh' or 'ouh' sound, and try to get the pitch of it as low as you can. The mouth tends to try to make itself as large as possible, thereby dropping the jaw.

Step two is getting the flap in your throat that determines whether you are swallowing or breathing in to in between the two states. I have enough practice with this I can hold it in the swallow position and almost breath in air, but for this method, you want to have it halfway.

Step three, the final step, is the breathing. This method uses the lungs to store air before the inflation, so you want to take a deep breath. In fact, it would make it easier to use this method and to practice starting off by taking a deep breath, then adding pressure to your lungs by closing your throat, opening your mouth, closing your mouth, then forcing the air back down. This makes it easier because the added pressure usually forces the flap in your throat to stay in the middle, allowing the air to go up and around it.

I've created an image to illustrate better the flap.

I hope this helps you in you inflation endeavors, and if you have any questions reply to me. Dunno if I'll respond, though, I created this account for the sole reason to respond to you.

new inflation method omg7 months

Iím not sure how yíall are doing it, but Iíve found that opening my esophagus and my nasal passageway at the same time (takes some practice) then breathing in works. Itís not very good for really stretching out, but a very quick moderate inflate. Breathe in, then close esophagus, then open it again and breathe out to deflate.
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