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(Not fat related, but most of my poems aren't and there doesn't seem to be any rule that it has to be fat related)

(To my dad: I love you)

The Empty Nester

An old man sat down beside me on a bench in town today,
I never have seen such a look of utter dismay,
My heartstrings tugged and I just could not resist,
To ask what it was that made him look like this,
At first he stared blankly ahead, as if ignoring me,
I noticed my bus quickly approaching, so I stood to leave
But out of nowhere, he started to speak as he caught my hand,
“Could you find some time to stay awhile with this old man?”
Though strange and uncertain it felt, I could tell right away,
This old man had something important to say,
“Every day I sit on this bench and wait,
But I feel like my waiting is all in vain.”
He shuffled his feet as if his words made him nervous,
Or maybe he just felt like he was a burden,
He went on in a slow and trembling voice,
“I don’t have a choice, when my heart hurts like this,
I just want one day, to hold and to kiss…”
His wavering voice broke, and tears swelled in his eyes,
I reached my arm around him for the hug he’d been denied
The ache in his voice sank deep within my soul
As he continued his story, all my attention, he stole,
“My children have all but grown and moved away,
I keep hoping they’ll visit me, even just for one day.”
Shame filled my heart, as I thought of my own father,
I’d never given him too much of my time, I’d never bothered,
To tell him how much he really meant to me,
And I couldn’t now… now that his soul was free,
“I’m not getting younger,” My new friend wearily droned,
“Often I wake up thinking that my time has truly come,
But every day that I am given, I’ll be here till the day is done.”
With one arm around him, and my hand holding his,
I realized what means the most to a father, from his kids…
A cherished smile, a heart-felt hug, a sweet and tender kiss,
This is all a father needs, to know that he’ll be missed.
“When my time does come, I guess I’ll just be a pester,
Another task to mark off their list: to bury this old Empty Nester.”
I’d never heard the term before, but I knew exactly what it meant,
A true example of what a father becomes when those golden years are spent.
When his children are grown and flown from the nest,
He understands that the years raising his kids, were the best.
I tried to be tough and not cry, when his fragile hands shook,
A tear rolled out despite my efforts and he gave me a gentle look,
I sincerely hoped, that if not today, tomorrow would be better,
For the man whose only wish was to be, the happiest Empty Nester.

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Another one I dug up...again, not fat related per say. I wrote it when my heart was broken a second time.

Remember The Butterflies~

We lived once.
Alive and free.
In happiness we lived.
We made sense once,
The same love, we breathed.
Our first touch,
Arms wrapped around me.
In your clutch,
True love found me.
Remember The Butterflies,
Flitting like stars in the night?
They danced in your belly,
And they danced in mine.
When our lips touched,
Time froze.
Sounds silenced.
It was just us.
Balcony on the coast...
A time I love the most.
Memory, all but faded,
A jaded love charade we now play,
I will never find you again, ne’er our hearts to be free.
For you have forgotten where you misplaced me.

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"Being Fat Does Not Suck"
By Zonker (aka GrowingLoveHandles)

Being fat does not suck

Fat people are adorable

They are soft

And squishy

They don't have any hard edges

Their bones don't poke into you

When you hug them or make love to them

Their faces are round and so cute

Chubby cheeks and delicious double chins

They have luscious love handles

And creamy thick thighs

And beautifully bulging bellies

Or small pooches of fat

Which will soon become bigger

And fold into rich rolls of flab

Being fat does not suck

It is awesome

You can just eat

And eat and eat

And you can be lazy

Because people expect that of you

They expect you to eat and be lazy

And you really don't want to disappoint them

Or deny them their stereotypes

So laziness and gluttony are the twin pleasures of being fat

They are gifts from those who stereotype you, fatty

Nothing about being fat sucks

Except not being fatter

And a few dozen donuts can help that

Or maybe pancakes with syrup and butter

Or mmmmm biscuits and gravy

Or lasagna all dripping with cheese and sauces

Getting fatter means you get a new wardrobe

New clothes every time you outgrow a size

Okay, time to be honest

Being fat does suck only a little

It sucks only when you get to the bottom of the cookie or candy bag

And you inhale the crumbs

And there is nothing left

But that is the only time being fat sucks

It only lasts a minute or two

And then you get some more candy or cookies

And life is heavenly again

Being fat does not suck
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