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pokemon! ^_^5 years

This is the new thread is about all things Pokemon, so discuss! lol

Feel free to share Friend Codes here too. As usual, the latest information on the various games can often be found at these sites:

Link to old thread:

pokemon! ^_^5 years

It is supposed to be for kids but it's got a large fan base of 20 and 30 somethings who have been playing it since they WERE kids and have just kept it up. They find new ways to make a kid's game interesting like doing IV and EV training, competing online and at events, collecting event Pokemon, and such. Hell, I even watch the anime still since I've been playing since I was 12 and I'm 30 now.

pokemon! ^_^5 years

This comic also helps sum it up a bit:

As for the games themselves, they do tend to have more of a focus towards kids given their storylines and generally easy difficulty... but that's the 'story mode' of the whole thing really.

After that's done with and completed, there's often more difficult challenges available to conquer, and then there's proper, competitive battling. Battles can be quite complex when fighting other humans rather than AI, as it's battles of six on six, and each Pokemon has it's own type of elements, strengths and weaknesses, and four moves.

No two battles are the same. Sure you could switch that Grass type in to fight that Water type, but it might have an Ice attack that Grass is weak to, so you might have to time it carefully... and there's a chance they could switch in a Fire type that Grass doesn't like either. Let alone each Pokemon being built differently, some are fast, some are slow, some hit like a truck, some take hits like a truck. There's a bit of luck and a lot of tactics involved when playing competitively.

Also there's the breeding aspect which some people go for. There's things called IV's (Initial Values) which add extra points to each stat, and are influenced by a Pokemon's parents, kind of like genes, and as such many people, especially professionals, try to breed their Pokemon to have the best IV's/genes available to get every bit of an edge in battle as they can.

The community known as Smogon is where most competive battlers reside and discuss tactics in particular:

So it works for all ages really; the story mode and stuff works well for the kids playing around, where for adults there's more meat to be found via other challenges, breeding, and competitive battling.

pokemon! ^_^5 years

I'm a little behind on Pokemon as I just got White Version, but I love the hell outta those games. I'm trying to get as many of my Pokemon up to level 50 so I can battle competitively.

I will forever and always be a Blastoise man.

pokemon! ^_^5 years

Yeah, it is kinda of lol worthy. I only watch the Japanese ones with the subs though.

pokemon! ^_^5 years

does anyone know if they got a ditto in the friend safari? as im after a good for breeding.

my FC: 0061-0834-5471

add me and send me your fc so i can you guys

pokemon! ^_^5 years

I found a Shiny female Barbarcle with the Hidden Ability Pickpocket in someone's Rock safari in Y. Was a good day that.

pokemon! ^_^5 years

A reminder from Serebii about the end of the Global Link:

For those of you who still play the Generation V Games, Black, White, Black 2 & White 2, the Global Link for those games is to go through the next phase of its shutdown on Tuesday December 10th. From December 10th, you'll be unable to put Pokémon to sleep any more, and will only be able to wake up your Pokémon one more time. This means that any of the C-Gear skins you pick will remain from that day onwards for the rest of your game. In addition to that, after you have sent the Pokémon back for the last time, you will have no more access to any Pokémon or Items in your Dream World so be sure to download them. Be sure to get this done as much as possible before the Global Link closes.

pokemon! ^_^5 years

ghost wrote:
So soon? Dang it, I had just started figuring out all the online stuff smiley

Yup, better make it quick getting stuff done before Gen V concludes, more or less.

Hadouken wrote:
Just got the original and a game boy colour NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED!!!

Random trivia: Charmander was never at a disadvantage against Brock like everyone thought; original Brock never had any Rock moves so you could just Ember his Geodude and Onix away (their Special is worse than their Defense).

This changed in the Fire Red/Leaf Green remake where Onix was given Rock Tomb though. Also Geodude has a much higher attack than Onix does.

pokemon! ^_^5 years

My FC if anyone wants it: 0404-6611-4133 (my name is Marc btw)
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