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pokemon! ^_^2 years

The Mega Stones for Audino and Medicham have been released with the code INTIMIDATE. This code will also give you the Mawilite and Beedrillite if you didn't get them from the earlier competition.

Also the mythical Pokemon Marshadow has finally been revealed and will be a part of the next Pokemon movie:

pokemon! ^_^2 years

Signups for the next tournament rewarding the Hoenn Starter Megastones have now started.

pokemon! ^_^1 year

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have just been announced for the 3DS for November 17th this year. Solgaleo and Lunala were shown with bits of Necrozma's prism armor on them. Could be like Black 2/White 2 again?
Necrozma was thought to represent an eclipse so it covering up the sun and moon Pokemon with its own body makes sense.

Also Pokken is getting ported to the Switch and includes new Pokemon fighters such as Decidueye, and Pokemon Gold and Silver are getting ported to the 3DS Virtual Console on September 22 this year and will be Pokebank compatible.

pokemon! ^_^11 months

The Shiny Tapu-Koko event has started! You can download this into your game over Mystery Gift via Internet. This event runs through July 13th 2017 - August 14th 2017.

pokemon! ^_^10 months

There is also the next mega stone mystery gift round using the code SABLEVOLANT. It ends August 30th.

pokemon! ^_^10 months

A new Lycanroc form has been revealed for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Lycanroc Dusk Form.

pokemon! ^_^10 months

As usual, I want to see the Shiny form, I bet it's even more stunning than this form.

pokemon! ^_^10 months

Lycanroc Dusk Form is a pure-Rock type and has the ability Tough Claws (boosting the power of contact moves), and also has both Accelrock and Counter which the other two Lycanroc had. However it seems to be an event Pokemon - you'll only be able to get it by downloading a special Rockruff which will be given out when Ultra Sun & Moon are released. The distribution will run from November 17th 2017 through to January 10th 2018

It seems it's a bit like Ash-Greninja - in the anime Tapu Lele drains energy from Ash and the other two Lycanrocs and gives the energy to Ash's Rockruff causing it's evolution.

I'm hoping it'll come with attacks like Fire Fang and Thunder Fang or Sucker Punch since Tough Claws benefits those, but you can only get those by breeding them onto Rockruff... which you won't be able to do with this one.

pokemon! ^_^10 months

so we can't breed the new one and then do breed moves onto it? :x

I'm not 100% certain, but so far unique special event Pokemon can't be bred, no. Ash-Greninja (Greninja with the Battle Bond ability) can't breed, or Pokemon from previous games such as Cosplay Pikachu. The anime makes it seem like a one-of-a-kind situation.

Assuming it has the same learnset as the other Lycanroc's, the only relevant moves that Tough Claws will boost are Accelerock, Crunch and Brick Break, which will all be 30% stronger on it. Having stronger Fire and Electric coverage from a boosted Fire/Thunder Fang would have been great though (84.5 base power compared to 65), along with a more powerful priority Sucker Punch (91 power compared to 70).

That said, they did previously release a normal Midnight Lycanroc that already had Fire Fang and Sucker Punch on it, so here's to hoping.

(Edit: I was right about hoping they'd release the event Rockruff with the egg moves already on it, the Ultra Sun Rockruff comes with Fire Fang and the Ultra Moon Rockruff comes with Thunder Fang. smiley No Sucker Punch though)

Anime art here.

pokemon! ^_^10 months

There are also codes for eight new Mega Stones.

Pidgeotite, Steelixite, Hercronite, and Houndoomite. Code is AZUL.

Galladite, Gardevoirite, Lopunnite, and Diancinite. Code is POYONG.

Grab them while you can, the end date could come up anytime now.
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