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what causes a fat fetish?5 years

I don't think anyone knows the answer to this question. You could equally well ask why some people are gay, some straight, some bi, some asexual, etc. There are many answers given to this question and none has more validity than another.

what causes a fat fetish?5 years

Superluminal wrote:
Veggiebesity wrote:
I don't think anyone knows the answer to this question. You could equally well ask why some people are gay, some straight, some bi, some asexual, etc. There are many answers given to this question and none has more validity than another.

Well, in the case of an individual, it's more than likely that one or more cause will have distinctly more validity than others. That's what makes it so interesting.

I suppose hat demonstrates part of my point. If I have understood your post correctly (sorry if not!), you seem to think that a cause definitely exists, whether or not it is discoverable. This a realist view. But the topic could be viewed from a different epistemolgy with equal validity. For example, a social constructionist would most like reject the concept of causes of human behaviour as reductionist and be more interested in how explainations and labels we use for sexualities have come about, what effect they have on us, how they restrict possibilities, and what alternatives might be possible. Even within a realist framework, many different explanatory frameworks for human behaviour have equal validity, whether they are genetic, cultural, evolutionary, behaviourist, etc.

Some would say it is impossible to answer the question about what causes a fetish, some would claim the question requires deconstructing, and others would say that you need to stipluate what kind of answer you are looking for first.

what causes a fat fetish?5 years

I can't speak to the phenomenon as a whole, nor can I even explain the causes of my own fat fetish, but my experience suggests that while it is partially rooted in culture, it is also something which is genetically encoded.

When I was five, I was watching a cartoon where a female character mentioned that she was getting fat and even without an accompanying visualization, I was immediately aroused. After that, any time a woman or tv or one of my mom's friends would say something similar, I would just be fired up. Several years later, when I was 10 or 11, a family friend came over and had noticeably gained weight. Six months before, she had been long and lean to the point of being stringy. Now, she had a full-blown potbelly. She caught me staring and though I now realize that she probably enjoyed the recognition, at the time I was afraid that she might have mistaken my look for one of shock or disgust. After I had looked, and I imagine that my parents had given her some looks as well (they were shocked by it later when I overheard them talking), she said that she had simply let herself go and that she was just enjoying her life.

It was only after that incident that I understood that weight gain could be arousing to someone other than me and was therefore in the realm of the socially possible. But even without that event, I'm sure that I would have learned to articulate my preference sooner or later, perhaps in a relationship where some unintentional gain had occurred.

I do admit that I find the "naughty" aspect of weight gain and being fat to be appealing, but that is centered in the physical pleasure that seeing round bellies, big butts, and thick thighs gives me.

what causes a fat fetish?5 years

bellyaficionado, my story is essentially the same as yours.

what causes a fat fetish?5 years

I remember being around five or six and hearing the story of "Hansel and Gretel" (I think I was in summer camp). I had such mixed emotions when we came to the part where the witch made Gretel do all her work and put Hansel in a cage to fatten him up.

All those descriptions of all the yummy, super fattening food Hansel was eating, and about how his sister got hardly anything. It was so cruel, but it was so captivating.

But Gretel loved her brother and kept tricking the witch into thinking Hansel was as skinny as ever -- which made the witch even more determined than ever. Gretel was hungry all the time and Hansel was getting so big he could hardly fit in the cage.

Friggin' lurid, that's what it was. I was five, too, and had no idea what sexual arousal was all about -- but I got sexually aroused.

It was a horrible, horrible story and it made me equate getting fat with being in peril of your life -- and yet I loved how Gretel kept tricking the witch.

I'm a guy, but for some reason I identified with Gretel. She loved and defended somebody who was getting fatter and fatter and fatter...

...and fatter.

what causes a fat fetish?5 years

AhLeahnan wrote:
Ever since I was little I fantasized about being very fat, or I would make up stories in my mind about being too skinny and having to gain a massive amount of weight just to be healthy and stuff.

By now, I'm sure, one or more of your girlfriends has transitioned from slim to chubby or fat. How has that been for you.

Have you gained over the past few years?

what causes a fat fetish?5 years

I too have memories of moments pre-puberty which make me believe that I was born with this fetish. Of course, it's evolved and grown and the internet is to thank for much of that. Finding like-minded people is very reassuring.

That said, none of my girlfriends (at least, none that turned into serious relationship) have been fat. Clearly I have work to do coming out of the closet, as it were, although I have told a number of people about being a feeder (but usually not in that language!).

what causes a fat fetish?4 months

Fetishism is probably one of the most complex aspects of human psychology. Pretty much anything that creates a sexual or emotional connection to food or fat can lead to developing a fat-related fetish, from being scolded as a child for overeating to simply having had a fat sexual partner.

In my case, I think it started with a childhood attraction to pregnant women, which evolved to include fat women who looked pregnant. Sometime in my teens fat supplanted pregnancy as my primary fetish and grew to include many aspects of fat and weight gain, both in women and men/myself.

This is similar to my view/ experience. Throw in the happy feeling you get from having treated someone to a nice treat-sweet, cooked, baked etc and the expression of delight with the squeek of delight of injesting set treat and my desire to see that effect again leads to a continued disire to nurturing loved ones etc.
Then throw in the susceptibility of the human condition for the hormones of a pregnant woman on any other human and the visual imprint of the pregnant and or then baby chubbyness is healthy of old culture and fwalla! Fetish. Although I'm not attracted to any guys of any size.

what causes a fat fetish?4 months

A neighbor of mine 6 years older had grown up slim.Even after having a baby she was still average.Probably 5'6" and 145 at age 22.They moved away to Maryland. 6 months later she was back for the birthday of my classmate who was the woman's sister in law.She had absolutely Blown up to about 195 lbs.Oddly enough a few years later they bought the house beside us and she to this day is anout 220 at age 66.Her daughter is 46 and was Rail thin through high school.For the last five years she too has been between 190 ( from 226) back up to 236 and now for the 10th time is trying to slim down from 221.
When I saw the mom that night it was Amazingly erotic for me at 17 years old.
I have been aroused by weight gain since elementary school and seeing her that night just cemented it for me.And the daughter is simply Beautiful these days.I wish she felt that way too.Sadly thats not the case.
I think for some the fetish is there from childhood.I have known at least five female feedees who padded their clothes with pillows at very young ages so its not exclusive to any facet of humankind as someone else stated previously.
And.Many times it is triggered later un life by an accidental gain.As little as five lbs at the holidays or 40 lbs in a couple years.
And Many or Any age.18 28 46 57 .Its a fetish. that is across the board.

what causes a fat fetish?2 months

I got mine from my babysitter when I was younger. She was 16 and I was 10 and she weighed 300+ pounds and i would always wait for her to fall asleep so I could play with her belly ^_^
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