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story rules5 years

We keep having arguments about what is & isn't permitted in stories.So I'm posting what IS & ISN'T permitted.

1)ALL stories MUST be in English only.
2)ALL characters involved in any type of weight gain,feeding,being fed or sexual situations MUST be at least 18 years of age the same as membership to this site.
3)There will be NO sexual situations with animals!
4)All sexual situations will be done tastefully no explicit details.Yes this is an adult site but not everyone enjoys those kind of details.
5)Swearing WILL be kept to a minimum!The F-Bomb is NOT permitted.Explicit details of male/female anatomy also is forbidden.
6)The "Story" section is for works of fiction...NOT a Blog section.If you wish to write something based on true experiences put it in a 3rd person with the names changed.
7)Have FUN!We look forward to your efforts good or bad.After all how else can we learn to do things & improve unless we have a little constructive criticism.
8)Concerning the comments on stories...Please positive or negative keep them polite.We do NOT need insults & snide remarks.

Follow these rules & I think we will all have an enjoyable time.

story rules5 years

Bingo! Well it looks like I've violated every one of the eight rules. Now I know why I haven't gotten a quarter from the tooth fairy for the past 10 years. I'm hoping I have enough teeth left to buy a dictionary one day. As far as FF stories, thanks for the reminder. Good job clarifying the rules.

story rules4 years

All sexual situations will be done tastefully no explicit details.Yes this is an adult site but not everyone enjoys those kind of details.

haha ah and this is called sexual situation if itīs resticted oh well i guess you all know how everyone is in cotrol when thinking about sex smiley

i would suggest everyone reading something he/she doesnīt like just stop reading and leave the freedom to all those writers putting so much effort into stories which sustain your site ^^.
I think when coming to fantasies itīs important not to have rules for all the wirters but well.....itīs not my site ....

Why are all those rules ? not that i am someone who would break them cause i donīt really write but that hillarious ^^ .

But well it adds to all those thoughts i have from the USA smiley))

nevertheless i like that pl can write here and everyone can read those stories ...

story rules4 years

Question - can we review, discuss, or promote weight gain themed ebooks in this forum?

story rules4 years

depending on your definition of erotic, there are many MANY deliciously erotic and arousingly sensual bhm and bbw stories here.

the eroticism may not be as suckingly sloppy or wetly graphic as some might wish, but turning a reader on with simple words, innuendo and metaphor is a challenge that has been met here many times and met well.

for erotic bhm stories look up msjezebel, ffancy, baconpancakes, winterstocking, junepearl, story consultant, Shinobi_Hime-Sama, csmith, fiji and pretty much all of mine.


story rules4 years

The only rule I'm not sure about is no sexual situations with animals, while obviously this is referring to bestiality which is disgusting, wrong and should absolutely not be portrayed or condoned.

However as a furry, I'm assuming there's no harm in portraying anthropomorphic characters, i.e animals with human characteristics or vice versa. A relationship between two sentient, basically human animals who wear clothes, stand on two legs, have jobs and speak English is surely miles away from being considered as bestiality.

It might be helpful to clarify that even though sexual situations involving animals ARE NOT allowed, they are still fine if they involve anthropomorphic non-human characters given that they comply to the same rules as sexual situations involving humans.

Sorry if this comes across as pedantic.

I'm curious about this as well. I have weight gain stories involving anthro characters I'd love to share, but not certain if those would be welcome here

story rules4 years

I think what we're trying to avoid here is having anything illegal, overy nasty or offensive. The rules are there as guidelines of the type of thing we're likely to find acceptable or unacceptable, so in most cases it's the spirit of the rule that's important. This is particularly so with stories, which may contain many different themes and situations. Basically if you think most people would find it offensive then don't post it. I'm not sure I really understand what furries are, but they seem kind of more human than animal (like charactures?) so should be ok. We just don't want to see abuse of animals in the stories as you might expect.

story rules2 years

I think linking to stories that were more sexually explicit would be ok. This would be in keeping with other links to porn sites which are sometimes permitted.

I guess there would still be some rules though, like it would have to be within the bounds of what could be legally published, also no stories involving animals or kids. If in doubt, please send your link to one of the moderators and they can check it out for you.

story rules2 years

Question: would a story that has nothing to do with weight gain be allowed, or would that go somewhere else?

story rules2 years

It needs to be on topic in some way, so it doesn't have to be about weight gain but it should be related to the theme of this website. For instance it could be a story about a BBW or BHM without any actual weight gain being involved.
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