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story rules2 years

Dammit I'm doing rl experiences and I started at 13 so crap smiley if it's about myself is it OK? smiley

story rules2 years

Nothing to do with people underage is allowed on the site. Just one of the rules. So, no, you can't write a story for here about yourself if you are underage in it.

story rules4 months

5)Swearing WILL be kept to a minimum!The F-Bomb is NOT permitted.Explicit details of male/female anatomy also is forbidden.

In my opinion, this guideline should be removed or altered.

The F-Bomb is such a commonly used word in Australian vernacular that it has been legally defined as "inoffensive" by the court of law.

Even the C-Bomb, also a commonly used word in Australian vernacular, has also been legally defined as "inoffensive" by the court of law.

Also, it doesn't make sense that an "adult" website censors "adult" language, such as swearing or detailed anatomy.

Finally, I notice that FF automatically censors such words, but with the incorrect number of asterisks replacing the censored word. It would be less confusing for the reader if censored words could be predicted from an accurate number of censored letters.

story rules4 months

That rule's a little outdated actually, the F-word isn't censored in stories anymore I believe. Not sure about all the rest.
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