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how to treat other members4 years

It should go without saying that people should treat the other people they talk to online with some general manners and human decency. Below are a number of guidelines that people should follow here to help maintain an enjoyable environment.

1) Remember that you're talking to another -real- person, and to give others a degree of basic respect - just because people post sexy photos doesn't give you an automatic right to act however you please to them, they aren't here to automatically fulfil your every desire and to be spoken to like a piece of meat. They're here to enjoy the site/community/etc just like you are.

2) Please, please, please remember to always read a person's profile and take it in before contacting them - they have written that info about themselves for a reason.

3) We would also recommend against starting conversations with sexual banter unless the member explicitly asks for that sort of communication on their profile. Even if they have posted scantily clad photos, it is not necessarily an invitation for sexual comments. It's best to get a feel for the person you are talking to before making comments of an erotic nature.

4) Following on from above, while this site incorporates many fetishes, remember that others do not necessarily share the same fetish and/or kinks as you. For example, calling someone a 'pig' or trying to humiliate someone if they haven't actually said on their profile/pics/etc that they enjoy that, isn't a wise idea. Also they may practice their fetish in a way that is different to you.

5) 'No' means 'no'. If someone outright says they don't like something, please do -not- continue to keep pushing it. Let it go and move on, see if you can find someone else who has stated they enjoy that fetish instead. If you continue to push the issue, you may also receive a warning or suspension for harassment. We don't have a problem with fetishes, but we do have a problem with people forcing them on others.

6) Many people also aren't here to indulge being in a fetish, they're just here for the community and fat positivity. This is something that must be respected (though we do not permit pro weightloss/diet talk as people also come here to get away from that, and it may trigger some - there are many other sites available for support with weightloss/diets that can be used instead. We are not obligated to provide a platform for people's weightloss journeys).

7) If you aren't here to indulge being in feedism, please remember to respect it's existence on here. While we incorporate much general fat positivity, we were founded on feedism and maintain a firm feedist base, and any content that discusses how feedism/gaining is unhealthy/bad/etc will be removed. Our stance is that our site members are grown adults who can look after their own health.

8) Try to refrain from body shaming too thanks. Bigger people, skinny people/etc are all permitted to be on here to enjoy this fat positive/fat fetish community. Non-consensual fat shaming in particular is always harshly punished and often results in a permanent ban, so consider yourself duly warned. We do not give any leniency for non-consensual fat shaming done during a loss of temper either, and/or if someone is insulting you. You can respond differently. We don't tolerate other forms of bigotry either.

9) If someone doesn't respond to your message, please move on. People do not automatically owe you a response, and in many cases they have run out of messages to respond to people with anyway. There's plenty more members on the site to talk to and engage with. Don't keep sending chat invites either if they get refused, it is also a form of harassment.

Lastly, if you are being harassed, please remember to report people. Don't be scared to tell the mods, they'll take care of things. There is a red flag on a person's profile that can be clicked and a couple of lines (up to 255 characters) can be written about them to make a report. Longer and more detailed reports can be sent to the mod team at, though you should always click the red flag just in case your email doesn't come through.