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diapers2 years

Never tried it and I doubt they could be found in my size, but I can think of so many ways they could be used to humiliate a submissive.

Are your hips more than 90"?

Thanks, blarger, that link was a lifesaver!

diapers2 years

I love diapers. I think seeing a girl in them makes her more cute and girly. Besides the FA I have a kink of seeing diapers swell from water like from a hose or shower.


diapers2 years

Fattening and diapering - perfect combo. Be forced to wear them, and forced to use them. It would be practical at those times when I'm too stuffed to move, stuck on the couch like a beached whale X)
Even better combined with my liking for stuckage - if I get helplessly wedged in a tight spot, my feeder could keep me stuck indefinitely, just keep feeding me and changing my diaper smiley

Hot piggy.

diapers2 years

For me, diapers are a necessity for a growing piggy in my home. I love the doting Daddy role and fattening a sweet, hungry little princess into a sweaty, stinky, squishy mess of a helpless gassy baby is just the most wonderfully intimate thing I've ever experienced.

diapers2 years

I've thought about it a few times. hmm. Being so submissive that I can't even be bothered to get up and use the toilet, just let it all rip in my diapers.

But it would be embarrassing buying them in the store, and I'm not quite that submissive enough or whatever.

The fist time i bought them in the store I got this thrill I can't even describe. It was wonderful.

Now I just use amazon. Soooo easy!
Once had to buy diapers to protect a valuable couch from menstruation. NO ONE will say anything in the store.
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