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food that expands in your belly?2 years

Instant mashed potato. Seriously. That stuff expands like nothing else.

Fatter and Reckless:
this actually work?

It does for me. Though I have to note that I've tried it with two different brands (here in Germany, you probably have way different ones in the US) and one of them worked better than the other. I couldn't figure out why.

But basically what I do is I add a little bit of water just to make it less dry and well, some kind of seasoning because otherwise it's a bit hard to get down. Do it portion by portion. Eat a portion, drink the amount of water they prescribe on the packet for cooking it, then eat the next...

food that expands in your belly?2 years

Eat as many bagels as you can on the first day for a big bloat the second day. If you do the same on the second day, the third day you will be so bloated it is hard to tolerate. Never tried eating more on the third day.
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