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friends only pictures4 years

Please accept my apologies for this. I tried to give warnings about forthcoming website changes as far as possible but this may have been one I overlooked. Nothing has changed in regards to visibility of pics apart from this, thumbnails have always been visible to the public and large images are still members only.

friends only pictures4 years

It is worth noting also, that with the new website, it is possible to actually SAVE images on an android phone for example by simply holding down on the picture.

This was not previously possible on androids. Unfortunately an iphone has always been able to do this.

I understand there is now a watermark, but this feels like a step backwards in picture stealing and reposting elsewhere.

friends only pictures4 years

Are the pictures going to stay like this? An answer would be greatly appreciated smiley

Guests can no longer view a member's pics or video album page, only the general listing pages.