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more clicks?4 years

This is kind of a minor issue, but as a designer of sorts myself this bothers me a little. It now takes more clicks than it used to to browse than it used to.

If I want to read recent posts in a forum thread, I still have to click past the first page, rather than go straight to the end. With FF's "please necropost" attitude to thread subjects, this invariably leads to looking at ancient posts posted by members who signed out years ago before I get to the recent ones. Might be better if the default setting took us straight to the latest page.

more clicks?4 years

It’s been driving me nutty too. My workaround, when in a particular forum, has been to click on the item on the right on the forum topics page: the last post in that given thread.

Just discovered by accident today (using housemate’s computer) that this behaves acceptably when run normally (scripting enabled): takes one to the newest/most recent post in that thread, and one can scroll back up the page or go to the previous page from there.

But, there’s a bug with scripting off: if one does this and their post happens to be the only post on the last page, clicking the previous page link loops right back to the same single-last-post page. I have to hack the URL to escape. (I normally run with scripting off for a number of reasons.)

I miss the drop down list of forums from the main top navigation link. Now i have the extra step of clicking through the main forums page to each forum. (The breadcrumb trail also doesn’t work for me, but i need to test that more and submit an official bug.)

(I prefer the necromancy: that way one subject—one thread. Creates an organized historic archive, updateable.)