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thanks for improving site4 years

Thanks for your feedback. Here are my comments:

1. I'm not entirely sure what you mean here. On the drop down menu, the word forum goes to the list of forums, and the word search goes to the search page. I can see that it may be confusing that the heading is actually a link, but if I put both forum and search in the drop down then there would be two links to the forum page.

2. I totally agree with you here and will change this as soon as I can.

3. There's currently a bug that once you've had a pic removed by admins, none of your pics show in the gallery. Working on this one.

4. I'm not sure what you mean by this. What page are you on when you see the words 'my forum'? Which is the picture you're clicking to get to your won forum?

5. I'll give this some consideration.