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“most recent” forum listing issues4 years

Probably i’m seeing entirely different things, but user-facing they look/act similar, so i’m reporting them here.

1) Spurious “new” post in a thread, where the post is many years old

As of approximately 4:45 PM UTC

shows a post:

Heh. You mostly haven't read wha...

listed as the most recent post, “1 day ago”. Clicking that (right-side) link does go to the proper thread, but the wrong page (page 3 of 3), with the URL:

Navigating *manually*, this post is on page 2 of 3, URL:

The Reply link for that specific post is:

so we can see that the postId is correct, but following that link off the forum=general page goes the wrong place.

The bigger issue: postId=139341 is 5 years old, yet the forum=general page is showing it as 1 day old and the most recent post.

2) Disagreement on “newness” of posts, apparently related to edits

As of 17:08 UTC (yeah, i should probably list the time that way),

lists this post on the right-hand side as “3 hours ago”. Following the link does correctly go to that post, but when viewing the actual post at that URL (the one for postId=282845), the post is listed as “2 days ago”.

What appears to be happening is that the actual forum post (at the Id link) is showing when the post was *originally created* and the forum list page is showing the time of the *last edit*. Since these times can be many days, weeks, or longer apart, things get confusing. This comes up routinely in the Stories section, where a new chapter added to a story bumps a, for example, 5 year old story up to the top of the newest-first sort order.

Expected behavior: the timing will match at both locations (forum list and on the actual post). Maybe the current behavior is as-designed (even though it does not match my user expectations), so maybe this (item 2) is a feature request.

One very informative, clear solution is to explicitly list both of an “originally posted” date/time (2 days ago, 5 years ago, 1 hour ago, etc.) and, if an edit is made, add “last edited” with a similar listing. Very, very useful for Stories, and likely to make things more comprehensible elsewhere.

3) “no items found” even though the post still exists on its thread page (e.g. on page 3 of 3 of a given thread).

Area: Forums
Reproducible: Always, until there’s a new post or an update to the forum listing page

Steps to reproduce (as of 18:00 UTC 23 April):
1) On the forums page:
go to/click the right column “newest” link “I was down to 150 about 2 years ago a...” URL for this link:

Expected result: the post will appear.
Actual result: “no items found”

Now, if one goes back to that forum listing page and clicks on the thread itself (left column), one goes to the first page as expected. Navigating from there to the end of the thread, we see that **the post does exist**. Its Reply URL is:

We know that posts are removed from time to time and so far, the forum list pages don’t update immediately—that is a separate issue. Here we have a post which still exists for everyone to see when they follow a thread from start to end (or start it then jump to the end with >>smiley, but which is not found from the direct “most recent” (right column) link of the specific forum’s thread listing page.

I have seen this problem dozens of times since the FF upgrade. To me personally, it is one of the most maddening aspects of navigating the new site. (I tried swapping threadId for topicId in the URL, which in no way helped.)

(Other seemingly related items may be added to this thread [or new ones] as i gather additional data.)


“most recent” forum listing issues4 years

I've hopefully now fixed the new icons so that they only appear on posts made since you last logged in.

There's still a bug on the forum page, the lastest posts are not showing the correct topic. Latest posts on the topics page should now be ok.

3) Yes, this is a bug. It appears if you create a new topic then delete it, also at some other times. Working on this.