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male fas: what is your size range of desirability?11 months

Attitude is more important than size. A smaller woman who is enthusiastic is great. Of course bigger is always better.

I have dated women from 120 to 480 pounds. All things equal, a woman from 135 (and chubby) to 350 are usually a "good fit." smiley

That said, I am looking to experience a 6' 0" 600 pound woman. I have found the six-foot tall woman. It won't take her long to get to 600 lbs. 😎 😍

male fas: what is your size range of desirability?11 months

My limit has greatly expanded as I've gotten older.
I liked chubby in middle school.
I liked chubby+ in high school.
I liked chunky, plump, 200-250 lbs in college.
I liked 250+ after college. My wife has gone up to 460 lbs from an initial 320 lbs when we met. She's now down to about 390 or so.

You should post her pic! 😎

male fas: what is your size range of desirability?11 months

Lol well i guess no ones attracted to little 135lbs 5'4 me

Of course, to an FA/feeder, even you are desirable because of the potential you have for gaining.

At your height, each 5 pounds will translate into at least an inch more thickness around the middle.

At 146, you will be officially "overweight". So keep guzzling that heavy cream.

Your pic comparing you at 110 to 134 is certainly encouraging.

Best to you. Live life to the fullest!

male fas: what is your size range of desirability?11 months

My wife isn't really a hardcore gainer, just the sort of girl who gains weight just looking at food and decided she might as well enjoy her body.

Me and her are on the same page about her ideal size- as fat as she can get and still be able to travel.

I told her about seatbelt extenders and a huge smile spread across her face!

male fas: what is your size range of desirability?11 months

Interestingly, I can find both very thin and extremely obese women attractive, and it depends a lot on personality and attitude. I've met women who were barely chubby, and I thought that more weigh wouldn't look good on them, and I also met women who were twice the weight which would have been considered average given their height, and still kept fantasizing that they would look even better had they gained some more.

So, the limits for me are not set into stone, like "I would break up if she crossed that number", it's more like a strong preference instead.

And it seems to have grown over time.

Several years ago, the "ideal size" would be a girl who just barely passed the point where a clever clothing choice and careful body posture could no longer hide the fact that she's overweight. The "maximum size" would have been where she would just have to start adjusting her lifestyle because she started getting too big for some things (like furniture) as they are usually not designed for her size, and where the first limitations of what physical activities she was no longer fit for, would start to appear. Basically what most would say the border between BBW and SSBBW is.

Now, it has slowly but steadily changed so that what earlier was the "maximum size", started to become the preferred ideal size, and the absolute maximum moved out to a size, above which life would start to get really uncomfortable (difficulty fitting through narrower doorways, difficulty climbing up more than one flight of stairs, inability to fit inside smaller cars)

male fas: what is your size range of desirability?11 months

My wife just told me something that impressed even me.

She wants to find out who the fattest woman in Japan she knows what her "competition" is like!

It's settled then- as long as she's mobile enough to get squeezed onto an airplane, it's our fantasy as a couple to make her the most obese lady under the Rising Sun!

male fas: what is your size range of desirability?11 months

I have no real limits : I hardly get turned on by skinny women same as I cannot help myself but lust abundantly when I see an utterly obese woman in full display of restricted mobility.

Noticed many times how I find bedridden women less acttractive hence they shed some substantial amount of adipose and become uncontrollably aroused by the littiest newly bulge remarked over a thin woman's built (and since my level of attention about the littiest detail is quite similar to those of a perfectionnist woman, I let figure out by yourselves the picture...) .
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