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stories missing chapter intros4 years

in many cases the chapter introductions are critical to each chapter...please replace them or include them in the body of the story.

many of my stories no longer make sense as each intro was a segue into the chapter.

please fix por favor!

stories missing chapter intros4 years

Yes, I removed the chapter descriptions in this version of the website because in general they weren't really being used and didn't add anything to the story.

I've found the chapter descriptions for your stories, but if I add them to the start of the chapters I'm not sure it will make sense in all cases. Therefore I'm posting them below so that you can update your stories if necessary. Luckily I still had a copy of the data.

It's taken me about half an hour to extract the descriptions from the database so it's not something I'll have time to do across the board. However if anyone else wants me to do the same thing for their stories just let me know.

* The Italian Job
* For him it's an incredible experience, eating without abandon until he literally hurts and cannot eat another bite.
The Motorcycle Dairies
* As the bike moved, her feet pressed more firmly into the pegs and her hands tightened on his middle slightly, leaning in closer.
* Easter Feast
* He struggled to reach her but as she felt his muscles tense she reached to push his arms down. "Relax lover, let me taste you and feel this day's excess. I am so proud of you."
* She might not be able to fit him into her from there, but the struggle to do so would only make both of them more aroused.
* A night to remember
* The sensations of his soft abdomen encompassing her and his erection swelling inside her stimulates her beyond control and she begins to rotate faster.
* Bills new look
* Rebecca then wheeled over the feeding pumps and gently eased the tubes down his throat.
* "I need to go a little slower, Rebecca." He saw her eyes widen as she gazed at his swollen abdomen almost spilling between his widespread legs.
* Yes. I will make him fatter, and softer.
* Bill struggled to stand up but realized he couldn't - his big belly was in the way and he was unaccustomed to the extra weight.
* She fondled his underbelly again and shuddered in delight at its softness.
* Bill struggled to his feet, his belly projecting out in front of him, full of food and still pink from her massage.
* "Make me fatter, Rebecca. Feed me 'til I explode."
* An Evening Shared
* you are at the point of bursting. you are leaned back and your eyes are closed.
* the bed beckons
* Enema of the Female
* I work from home now, and never leave the estate. I haven't had any intense gorging sessions for a long time...
* As we walk I feel my belly swing against my thighs, sliding back and forth, your hand cupping my underbelly gently.
* With a huge groan I struggle to my hands and feel you help me sit.
* You come back a little while later to find me groaning over the toilet...
* Helping me back to the bedroom I heave my heavy body down onto the pillows, reclining slightly. You show me the enema tube and smile shyly.
* The Feel of Fat
* so very erotic as i walk naked, feeling my heavy belly warm on my thighs, always still moving a fraction of a second after i stop
* The Day After
* well, this morning I awoke to an amazing sight. amazing to have this great sphere this rising up into my line of vision as I lie on my back, i canít believe you got me so big that quickly.
* ... it is unbelievable...I am naked, asked to pose, and to turn slowly to be admired, your hands are measuring and lifting and exploring...seeing just how much of me that there is to enjoy.
* but you wish to explore more of my soft body
* i feel as if iím floating in darkness, supported only by my shoulders and something cradling my hips.
* you fill me to bursting and then massage my swollen gut to help me digest.
* by Built4com4t and Lizzyny
* She grasped his belly and ground her pelvis into him forcefully.
* I feel your hands on my hugely distended abdomen, massaging oil into my skin, telling me "just a little more, baby doll."
* Come a little closer...
* The phone rang.
* Billís Good News
* however the cold vinyl-covered reality of the examination table he was perched on snapped him to his senses.
* yes
* yes the wonderful erotic wonder its a sin truly erotic and on so many levels my belly filling, expanding
* Mountain Magic
* Loaded my truck, and rolling it out in to the still, city morning I enjoyed a fabulous and traffic free, three hour ride to this, my weekend retreat. My own fortress of solitude, I thought with a grin
* ďDon't say a word," I say "I know, I want me eating, and when helplessly gorged, you plan for me to be erect and deep inside you.
* a castaway
* He thrashes, naked but tangled in bedclothes.
* She sat by his