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do any women want to be immobile?4 months

I like to fantasize about not fitting through doorways and then eventually being stuck in my bed/ on the sofa surrounded by treats and my feeder encouraging me now and then as he pops in and out. Being a bit spoiled hehe. When I'm stuffing I like to imagine that I'm already stuck in bed all warm and cosy and kept full up. I would love to be stuck and have an attentive feeder, even going out at night for treats. For now it's just a fantasy, I think I'd worry about being on my own now as I don't have a feeder.

It would be so much fun to live this type of lifestyle out and maybe fantasize about the extreme aspects of it. But it would definitely takes two special people to go through all that though.

do any women want to be immobile?4 months

I wanna be immobile I wanna be so fat I'm stuck in bed just eating more and getting fatter

Why not message me and tell me more about yourself. I want to live out this lifestyle.

do any women want to be immobile?3 months

It's quite a fantasy of mine. Health reasons dictate that I not I pad and stuff my clothes until I can hardly move. Love pretending what it would feel like to not be able to get out of bed. Imagining what it would be like to wake up like this one morning! Feeling the rolls between my thighs and not being able to put my arms down to m side because of side boobs! Feeling every part of me jiggle at the slightest movement!

do any women want to be immobile?2 months

Id love to become immobile as long as I was sure my feeder would stick with me. My dream would be 700lbs
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