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accepting yourself as a fat person10 months

Even though I am now over 300 lbs, I must admit until very recently I saw this as a temporary state. I had always thought that I would reach a point and say "ok fun's over" and diet and exercise down to what I believed a more normal weight.

Me too! I've always been on the curvy/chunky side and for most of my adult life I was a small BBW in the low 200-220 lbs range. Then a medication made me lose a bunch of weight, and I simply could not accept myself as a smaller person. Part of that was why I started to gain a little more than 2 years ago.

Flash forward to now and nearly 120lbs fatter. I'm solidly over 300lbs and my body and appetite have both undergone major changes. I'm only full if I'm stuffed, I order fast food for imaginary people (me) all the time, and the thought of getting even fatter still turns me on like nothing else, despite having blown past my original goal 40 lbs ago. My belly has grown disproportionately since then, resulting in a bulging spare tyre so big and jiggly that it wobbles to it's own separate rhythm when I walk. If it sounds like I'm getting a little poetic, it's because I'm in love.

With that, it's starting to dawn on me that maybe I'm not just popping up to 300 for a quick visit, and 300 may not be the fattest I get... I'm only planning on another 10 lbs, but I've been saying that every 10 lbs since 260! What's funny is that I had a very well developed and comfortable identity as a fat person, but that's not the same as being a very fat person (although it did mean I'd made peace with my body and society long ago). It's obviously not as dramatic a change as someone going from actually thin to fat would experience, but it' seen significant for me!

I will say that I feel more at ease with other fat people, but for me it's mostly about adjusting to the changes. I'm much slower now, especially if I've recently put on a few and my muscles aren't used to it yet! For some reason new weight makes my lower back ache like crazy if I have to walk any real distance without stopping for a break, so I'm getting used to planning them in. Same thing with my commute time- I now count the walk from the car to wherever. I'm making an effort to learn how to dress in a way that I feel looks cute and accommodates my belly comfortably, because now it's this big soft but unyielding thing that sort of demands to be dealt with in all sorts of ways. I travel with an extender, and if I get much bigger I'm going to have to get one for my car. I'm somewhere between disbelief and taking these milestones in stride.

The thought of fully giving in to life as a 300-something pounder is more exciting than it is worrying, so I guess I'm on my way! Acceptance certainly feels a lot more likely than a diet smiley

I agrew with you guys. I was 255 after dieting from 290. And I just rememeber being done. My original goal was 300 and when I hit it I was so exited. I ate so much out of pure bliss that day and the next celibrating. I then set a goal for 340. And the bigger I got the more I knew deep in side that just wasn't going to be enough, so I bumped it up to 350, and now the goal is 360 and I already know that isn't going to be enough. I m at 340 as of about a month ago. But idk how accurate. That is cuz the scale broke right after the number came up lol. That really exited me! I also just eat as a very fat person does. Any were any time with any one around. I just don't care. I would to find friends that are fat so we can all just pig out all the time and not get eyes from your friends. But I also love that. It's a huge part of being fat. When people bring up how fat u are. It makes tingly and happy and makes me want to eat more. Going more into the fat life style....if I get much fatter I'm going to have have to get a bigger truck. That was the reallaity check I've really had that tells me I'm getting. really fat. I mean they say over 350 is super sized.......I almost wanna say I can't wait!!

accepting yourself as a fat person10 months

I was a dystrophic. After 3 years of weight gain, I do not like to look at lean people. I forgot how people walk on bones instead of legs. I do not like skinny asses. I feel joy when a pot-bellied girl walks by. I "moved" into a world where "fat" means "beautiful"..

accepting yourself as a fat person10 months

At 130lbs, I don't really feel right being "a skinny person". Almost like there's a fat guy trapped in here that needs to be set free. I just wish I could come across a lot of fat friends that would help me get him out.

accepting yourself as a fat person9 months

mountain man:
As someone who loves rock climbing, but also wants a bigger belly, I feel that. Like, most athletes and people who climb are slim (rightfully so, you build a lot of muscle climbing and more weight = more body to balance on thin edges). I want to gain, but also know it will affect my athletic performance. Not a competitive climber, just a hobbyist, but still. There should be a balance between getting a nice belly and still being able to rock the walls.

Mountain man, maybe you should try less height. I'm thinking I could still climb ok if there was a cheeseburger above every handhold.

Smile, so the carrot and stick approach?

accepting yourself as a fat person3 months

I have always been a bit on the fat side, 330 lbs.,but never seen myself as a fat person. On New Year's eve day I had to walk up a small hill I found myself having to stop numerous times to catch my breath. I finally made it to the top of this 20 foot hill. I was gasping so hard I thought I was going to die. While catching my breath is when I realized I am fatter than I thought. I finally decided it was time to embrace the lifestyle of a fat person. I have been enjoying the past week and a half eating like a typical fat person should. What ever I want, when ever I want and as much as I want. It is as if a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel so much happier now. I can't wait until that weight from shoulders goes to my belly, butt and moobs.

accepting yourself as a fat person3 months

I have seen and accepted myself as a “ big guy” for most of my adult life. However, after gaining quite a bit of weight over the past two years I “upgraded “ myself to a “fat man” once I got close to 400 pounds. Somewhere between 350 and 400 there was a point where physical impact and limits became noticeable. And that’s when I had to decide either to accept my new status or try to reverse it. Since I really have no interest in losing weight at this time, I accepted myself as fat rather than big.
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