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anyone ever see gal sone eat?12 years

Hi all,

This is my first time posting - one of the reasons I found you guys was I was searching for a place to meet someone like Gal Sone. Unfortunately she lives in Japan - is hot - and I will probably never get a chance to meet her. I have attached a link to a video of her (in Japanese, but with subtitles) eating 200 large sushi rolls in about half an hour. There used to be a bunch of her stuff on YouTube, but the Japanese TV companies have been cracking down on unauthorized postings. She weighs about 95 pounds, but in several of the videos she is downing 15 or more pounds of food! She goes from skinny to looking 6 months pregnant - she has been doing this for about 2 years on a regular basis and has not gained any weight! She is a true goddess and it is a major fantasy of mine to stuff her. Let's just see if we can't get some of that weight to stick! You might have to join Veoh to get the whole thing and Japanese TV won't show a bare belly, but you do get to see all the hosts of the show fondling her bulging belly at the end. If anyone out there has pics of her bare full belly I would be forever grateful! Enjoy!

sorry - wrong number of sushi rolls12 years

Just for the record - I think it is 120 sushi rolls, not 200. That is still a lot!